Tips for a Healthy Life

I have organic bananana’s, an apple, rasberry’s, hemp seeds, chia seeds,sunflower seeds and flax seeds in a smoothie every morning, and it gives you a proper buzz.

Nature dosen’t make mistakes. Eat as much as you like of her gifts. Your body will either store it or excrete the excess. Every single bad carb, fat, sugars etc are man made with the sole intention of making a profit. Every good carb, fat, sugar etc is natural and grows in nature…. its time to re-conect with nature, this is the key to growth and healing. We have been hynotised into forgetting this, on a global scale. Its time to make a stand. Eat natural.

Every diease has a natural cure and every human a mission Indian way of thinking


Meditate for 12 minutes a day. Just sit quietly and if your finding it hard not to think just concentrate on your breathing.

In the morning when you wake up say “today I choose to be happy”.

Say thank you every day. For your friends, your family, or what ever you feel like throughout the day.

I have tumeric in my smoothie in the morning because its helpful after a stroke to re-grow the part of the brain that is dead from the stroke. I’m also going to try Ginkgo Biloba, thats after ishematic stroke, its a plant based substance, supposed to get some use of arm and leg back and improve brain function.

I also use fluride free tooth paste. Fluride clasifys the peanel gland, the gland in the centre of the brain and basicly makes you stupid and uninterested in anything other than yourself. All shop brought toothpaste has fluride in. you have to go to the health food shop for fluride free, and the seeds I put in my smoothie’s.

I believe they put Fluride in the toothpaste deliberatly so we keep going to work and don’t question anything.

I think we’re at a crucial time in the history of the world and we’re either going to carry on down the One World government route, which i’m not in favour of, or we will break out from all the conditioning we’ve been under, for hundreds of years, and finally be free thinking, moving human beings of light, like we’re supposed to be.

I think its up to each individual to open there eyes, stop using fluridated toothpaste, and see whats really going on. If we all live conciously every moment, I do now I don’t use fluride, then we can create a much better world with no debt etc.

we have to stop just thinking about are selves and start thinking how we can help others, even if its just buying an old person a cup of tea and just listening to them for ten minutes. They’ve been round a long time you know, we might even learn something. You know what I mean.


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