I’m a bit pissed now, 2 glasses of wine down. The last time I had a bottle of wine, last week, I decieded, after a bottle of wine, to phone my girl in India. Now, I didn’t think about the time difference, and it was about 8 pm here, so about 1 or 2 am in India. She didn’t answer and I appoligised the next day via text. Anyway, I went off on a tangeint there and forgot what I was going to say hehe

Ahhh I remember……I’m making a potatoe salad with tomatoes, cucumber, spinach,tuna, mayonaise and a bit of chilli for good measure. When cutting the cucumber I have to peel off the celophane first, which is tightly wrapped around the cucumber. Easy you say…….but with only one working hand (left) it’s a bit more difficult…..I had to put the cucumber in between my legs, just below my cock, and do a wanking motion to get the celophane off, which would of looked like I was having a wank to anyone watching from the window. hehe

And there you have some it, some of the trials and tribulation of some of the things I have to deal with from having a stroke. hehehe


So, according to Mr C, we are very close. Now, you don’t know Mr C like I do, but when he says we are close, we’re close. He’s been in this game for 30 something years, had a heart attack, or two, a stroke, and various health problems due to his role in this. (putting the codes in that will change the world)

Soooooo……bring it on….I’m so ready….

On another note, I say hi to dogs on my daily walk in the woods. The owner’s think I’m saying hi to them, but I’m really saying hi to the dogs……don’t tell anyone hehe

I was going to share some of my blessings with Emma but I can’t now 😦 I’m sure I will come up with some way of sharing my blessings with her in some way.

I think that’s all for today…..I did shed a tear or two in bed this morning. I messaged Laura a few days ago, saying that medbeds are coming out the same day we RV, and I told her to say that, but I guess she couldn’t wait.


I got some sad news this morning…..I was laying in bed sharing stuff from Telegram and I went on Fakebook after sharing something to it and I found out that my friend Emma had passed. Laura had posted two days before and said that she was very ill and didn’t have long left in this world. She was diagnosed with cancer in August, so she didn’t suffer for long, and someone was with her when she passed, which is awsome in my opinion.

I was in hospital for 2 and a half months with my stroke, 11 years ago, and when I came out of Chichester hospital I went straight to Emma’s house in Poole. I can’t remeber if she drove me there or not. That’s the thing about strokes, it really fucks up you’re short term memory. I stayed with Ems for a while. I can’t remember how long, but it was long enough to get my benefits sorted out.

I used to walk around her rough and uncut garden every morning…….I can’t remember much else, apart from Mark, and maybe Paul, Roxanne’s dad came to see me.

I messaged Laura this morning and gave my respects and said I would go to the funeral if I can.

I’ve only been to one other funeral, and that was H (Harold) he was old when I met him 20 odd years ago, he died of cancer to. The funeral was packed with people standing at the back because all the seats were taken hehe

He was a party person, that’s why….

Emma was a trance party person and I want to go to that funeral too. I imagine it will be packed, like H’s, and there will be many people who I haven’t seen since my stroke.


The truth will set you free…..it may be a little unconfortable first though….

Basicly, everything you see on the media is properganda. Telegram is where you find the truth as far as I can tell. I heard about a lot of this stuff before Telegram was around.

My girl is the only one who believes me so far as I can tell. That’s partly why she’s my girl…….

I will also be giving money to someone who makes clothes, and she wants to make hemp clothing. None of them know yet, because they proberly wouldn’t believe me anyway, hehe.

I can quite smoking whenever I like. I haven’t had a fag for about a month, but I just bought some because I just bought some weed 🙂 it’s unconfortable for a day or two, then it goes away.


I’m so fucking excited and happy since the begining of the year, and I have a sneaky suspicion why…….because I’m about to get everything I asked for, my health, my wealth and my perfect girlfriend.

Now she will proberly tell you that she’s not perfect, but to me she is so….haha

I’ve been vegatarian for about 10 years now, but once in a blue moon I get an organic sirloin steak…….this is one of those days, I’m going to have baby potatoes, baby tomatoes, broccoli and a peppercorn sauce. All the veg is organic too………. yummy 🙂

If the solar flash don’t happen and it’s all bull shit then there will be a lot more people helping others who know about it anyway, so it’s a win win situation if you ask me hehe.

I for one will be helping many others with my blessings………I won’t just sit on it like many others around the world. I’m going to give some to the village leader in Kasa Devi, I’m going to give some to a friend who has an organic farm and guest house in Almora, and many other places, I’m sure…….yet to be determind. Basicly so I can help as many people as possible.


Update on my step dad, John, apparently it was the electric hedge trimmer that messed with his pace maker and made him faint hehe

He’s going to get Pegs friend to do it all now, and throw away the hedge trimmer haha

I’m going to tell you a secret that only Peg knows…….I call Emilly the cat, Emily, wemily woo hehe and I say, Ohhh my lordy, chicken bordy when I’m supprised or something funny happens hehe (only when I’m alone, or with just Peg, of course)

Now, it’s high time I gave you another fanatasy, so if you don’t like these you can skip this next paragraph hehe…….

I’ve always wanted to lick someone out while she’s wearing stockings. I don’t know if my girl will be up for it, but I bought a little nurses outfit with stockings and a little red cross hat……..when it came it didn’t come with stockings, and that was the whole point of getting it for my girl. It was only £12 so didn’t break the bank, and if she’s not up for it, I’m sure we can give it to one of her friends……………… If she is up for it I’m sure we can find some white stockings in India……….. after she puts the outfit and stockings on I would pour us both a glass of champayne………..kiss her neck……..her lips……….french kissing her……..moving to her boobs….kissing them and licking them and moving lower…….kissing my way down to her wet pussy………slipping my tounge over her clit……and a little bit inside….kissing and licking………..her clit and pussy getting wetter and wetter……..circling her clit with my tounge…….round and round……….slipping my tounge inside her wet pussy more and more……..until she’s begging me to be inside her………..she’s on the bed….on her knees………in white stockings and the little nurses uniform……..it’s really short……..and I slip my very hard cock inside her from behind………….just the tip at first………then pushing it further and further with each thrust…………deeper and deeper inside………she’s moaning with pleasure………..as I’m fucking her from behind………..she’s moaning more and more until she finaly climaxes………cumming all over my very hard cock……

Just so you know, I’m NEVER going to tell any of you if she agrees to any of the things I’ve wrote about here, or if we did them, sooooooo hahahahahaha you guys will never know hehe


Ismael just did a short YouTube video on the Queen dying, he said that she, and the pope and many others are clones, and the real ones were arrested a couple of years ago.

Now, I have a hard time accepting that their clones, even though, from my own research I know that it’s possible. I have a feeling others are the same, understanably. Whatever they are or aren’t, I just want to see my girl and get on with humanitarian projects.

So, please, please, please, just get on with it so I can be healed and see my girl (if she’ll have me hehe) and get on with my humanitarian projects. That may well be a little selfish, but I thought we would have been done months ago. hehe

Now I’m going to see Emily the cat and stay there for the night so, adious amigos………