I forgot to say that the guy who Kerry had on last year, talking about when the solar flash would happen, March/April 2024, got called into the White House recently about it, so that’s all the confirmation I need haha 🙂


http://www.x22report.com reminds me that this is the biggest, worldwide, ongoing sting operation the world has ever seen 🙂

You have to restructure EVERYTHING, from the World Health Org WHO, to the CIA, FBI, MI5/6, and all other agencies around the world, and make it for the people, so it takes time.

But I believe the white hats have it all under control and are nearly done.

Remember, whatever happens in the coming days, weeks, will be some kind of false flag, followed shortly after by disclosure of all their crimes. But the scare nessary event, talked about by Q, may last a day or so, I don’t know…..just guessing hehe

These agencies, CIA, MI6 etc used to traffick kids all over the world, and the red cross was heavily invoved 😦

It’s been cleaned up now, but if the world new how bad and evil it really was, they’d be having mental breakdowns all over the place.

The note they all got at GHW bush’s funeral was, sorry, they know everything, and was signed GHW bush, apparently 🙂 whoop whoop

He sang like a bird haha

I got an email from word press saying I had 32 views last month, so I thought I better empty my phone of notes today hehe

As soon as I wake up in the morning I think of my girl…..I don’t mean too, I just do, which is alright with me haha In fact I think about her a lot every day 🙂

I thought no one read this shit, but apparntly they do haha

This I got from Gene decode, kerry Kassidy and Patriot underground on rumble, if you want to hear it all go to Rumble and put in Patriot underground………it was this week. Kerry and Gene have been in the disclosure bussines for decades, Gene used to be in Subs in the Navy, and knows more than ANYONE else about Ukraine, child trafficking, DUMBs etc well worth a look.

The main guy in Ukraine was taken out in a dumb, along with 200 NATO generals, British (don’t know how may, but a few) the main guy said, while dying, thank you for releasing me from my posseion…………Some really werid shit they aint telling us about…….

Peace out peeps…..



We have to transcend all religions and get into the soul 🙂

Jesus taught that the temple is within, not out there somewhere. Not in a church, in fact he said, don’t build temples in my name…….so what did they do???? Lots of churches…..I mean, come on man hahaha

So meditation daily is the key, just sit somewhere quitely for 10 minutes a day, preferably in nature, try not to think of anything for those 10 mins, just focus on breathing from you’re stomach, deep breathes for the fisrt 3, and……..RELAX

It’s really that simple, and your life will improve after a while 🙂

We all come from source, and have the genes of Gods, because they made us in there likeness.

I dunno if I said this before, but we will all be about 30 years old after the solar flash, apart from those younger. I have no idea if this is true or not, but that’s what people say who talk about this, so that would be good hehe

They have been saying it’s next week for over 3 years now, I guess it’s to keep us calm, but I really want it done yesterday so I can see my girl and get on with my life.

It’s been groundhog day for me for 12 years, being worn out all the time, can’t stand for more than 10 minutes befor my lower back starts to hurt, can’t do much exept watch films, and work on myself.

It’s been good, but I’m done with it now…….please…I’m done……..medbed please hehe


Also, Megan Rose, who is in touch with Val Nek, says 2024 is when we see aliens, and aliens are suppossed to help us after the solar flash.

Any kinda futuristic technology is Aquarius, I don’t have a clue what that means, but my girl is Aquarius so I thought I’d mention it for fun hehe.

There’s going to be a big disclosure on how many clones there are…….I wrote this yesterday, and today I got back on fb and shared how many people have been replaced by clones/actors etc because of Trumps executive orders, with a fast trial by the military…..so I guess that’s becoming true too haha

I heard maybe 50% or more are clones, which I find hard to believe, but what the F do I know.

They’ve been attacking the femine for 1000’s of years, but I can tell you that my girl is 100% femine hehe

I got todays stuff from Jean Claude and Janine’s war correspondance show on Rumble 🙂

Apart from the first bit about Megan……

Peace out niggaz


According to Ismael, from the latest Tom numbers show on YouTube, the Queen was the wife of Enki, (I think that’s the Annaki, but I’m not sure) and the nephalim giants are deep underground in Ukraine, and super soilders are down there, taking them out (to dinner, hehe, only joking…..destroying them)

You’ll have to watch it, because Ismael is the most studyed man I’ve come accoss to date on the whole real history of earth, and before earth, not the bull shit we’re taught in skools 🙂

It’s all in gemantria, the gold backed reset, Trump the savior (He’s been banging on about a gold backed currency for decacds, and every country being 1-1 with everyone else’s currency.

Both sides no the power of Gemantria, and have been using it to comunicte forever.

Trump said the final battle will be 2024, and March/April 2024 is when the solar flash is supposed to happen, so I think he’s talking about that 🙂

But…..Ismael says that the sun reaches it’s maximum in 2028 (everything goes in cyles, including the sun) So I want to be in India with my girl when it happens, in the Himalaya’s, far away from the sea, incase of tidal waves, ete (no one knows exatly what will happen, but EVERY religion talks about it at the end of the 26, 000 year cycle)

Just in case hehe………


So I got an email from Mr Ed, my zim contact, and this is what he said, JFKjr, forwarded From CBK, Mission complete 8pm Ukraine, rescued more than 10,000 children, kids in cages, 74 underground tunnels were destroyed, 678 child traffickers were killed, and 3876 human traffickers were arrested 🙂

Next missions coming……….

Good job guys, keep up the good work

It also said we are very, very close…… but I ain’t getting exited until I get the email hehe


I’ve got a hypossasees, (know I spelt that wrong haha) JFKjr and his wife, Caroline, found out how big the child traficking was a long time ago, found out there was a plan to take them out, faked there deaths, and that gave them lots of time to combat the child trafficking 🙂

On Telegram there’s JFK’s wife, Caroline, under the name CBK, and she recently posted that Jonathan Rothchild was arrested in London, for treason, and I’ve got a book called planet Rothchild, so…………..haha, not anymore…….. and then the main man in Ukraine resposable for the child trafficking, had been arrested, and over 300 child traffickers had been killed, and lots of children rescuded, and big news like that happens almost daily on her site 🙂

Ukraine is the centre of Deep State, well, EVERYTHING, bio labs, child trafficking etc that’s where covid, convid, haha, originaly came from me thinks, then got shipped to China.


Val Nek

Do not consent to fear, fear is a choice 🙂

So, I’ve had about half a dozen emails saying that at our appointment we will be given Q phones, and a laptop/tablet to access our funds. It would make sense, and I beleive everyone on earth will be given Q phones 🙂

Basicly, Q phones are satalite phones, which hardly ever have to be charged, you can’t track them, unlike the phones we all have now, so greater privacee.

Now, there must be trillions of dollars for all this to happen, backed by gold, and I believe EVERYTHING is going to be much better than anyone can possibly imaine, and I for one, am so exited, and can’t wait 🙂


I have a copy of The Law of One, but it’s really hard to read because of the way it’s written. But, fortunaly David Willcock has been talking bout it for years 🙂

I’ve followed his work for about 7 years, he’s the one who’s going to make hover cars with ET tech.

This is what he said in his latest YouTube video, on Sunday:

Law of One

Know yourself

Accept yourself

Become the creator

Love yourself

When you become the creator, you become the most humble servant of all.

Positive beings influence you when you have positive thoughts, negative beings influence you when you have negative thoughts 🙂

We, as a planet, are going through a cosmic divorce with a psycopath, and he wants to hurt us on the way out.

We are going through a plantery Asscension, and we are all going to graduate, no one gets left behind.

My best guess for the solar flash is March/April 2024, from the reseach I have done 🙂

All you have to do is be positive, and 51% helping others.

Don’ty worry about a thing, only the people who do evil on the planet will not survive 🙂

There’s much more to it, but that’s the basics hehe

Peace out, lovely peoples……..


I got another 30 ban yesterday, for sharing a video of how the MNRA vaccine infects all the organs.

I had a good run tho, about 3 weeks this time, which is more than the last 3 years hahaha

It’s world Quantum day tomorrow, 14th April, and the new finacial system is called the Quantum Finacial System, so lets see if it happens tomorrow 🙂

I think it will be a Sunday, because that’s Gods day for a lot of peeps hehe

It can’t go on much longer…….the cost of living has gone up so much, people all over the world are suffering. But I do understand that we only get one chance to lock up all the criminals, and it has to be air tight, so they don’t get off on a technicality, but come on man, as Biden said…haha

Get it it fucking done please…..