I have a copy of The Law of One, but it’s really hard to read because of the way it’s written. But, fortunaly David Willcock has been talking bout it for years 🙂

I’ve followed his work for about 7 years, he’s the one who’s going to make hover cars with ET tech.

This is what he said in his latest YouTube video, on Sunday:

Law of One

Know yourself

Accept yourself

Become the creator

Love yourself

When you become the creator, you become the most humble servant of all.

Positive beings influence you when you have positive thoughts, negative beings influence you when you have negative thoughts 🙂

We, as a planet, are going through a cosmic divorce with a psycopath, and he wants to hurt us on the way out.

We are going through a plantery Asscension, and we are all going to graduate, no one gets left behind.

My best guess for the solar flash is March/April 2024, from the reseach I have done 🙂

All you have to do is be positive, and 51% helping others.

Don’ty worry about a thing, only the people who do evil on the planet will not survive 🙂

There’s much more to it, but that’s the basics hehe

Peace out, lovely peoples……..



I got another 30 ban yesterday, for sharing a video of how the MNRA vaccine infects all the organs.

I had a good run tho, about 3 weeks this time, which is more than the last 3 years hahaha

It’s world Quantum day tomorrow, 14th April, and the new finacial system is called the Quantum Finacial System, so lets see if it happens tomorrow 🙂

I think it will be a Sunday, because that’s Gods day for a lot of peeps hehe

It can’t go on much longer…….the cost of living has gone up so much, people all over the world are suffering. But I do understand that we only get one chance to lock up all the criminals, and it has to be air tight, so they don’t get off on a technicality, but come on man, as Biden said…haha

Get it it fucking done please…..


Banned for 6 days for sharing a decades old video of their plans to inject people with trackers and gene altering drugs hehe

Life is like toilet paper, you’re either on a roll, or taking shit from some arsehole haha

It’s like I’m working every day, sharing truths on fakebook 🙂

In gemantria, God = Game, and other things, so we’re living in a game hehe

I forgot to say, that when Tom numbers and Ismael get togeather, they did another show yesterday, they get into deep conversations, but it all ties in to the numbers, and gemantria, which is heaven sent, and unbelieveably cool 🙂

For example, Be mindful of your thoughts and words, your literaly programming your future.

And, everything is the universe, and everything is us……..mind blown haha

What we’ve been told are whole lives, about pretty much everything is false, and designed to keep us in a low vibration…….Actualy, we are more powerful than you can possibly imagine, and just by being mindful of our thoughts and words, we can drasticly change our reality, with repetion 🙂

And lastly, Trump arrest was because no previous prez has been arrested before, so now it sets a precident for all the other previous prezzes…..genious 🙂

Enjoy the show



So Trump got indited on Thursday, and now my emails are telling me this weekend, so maybe tomorrow, Sunday hehe

I’ll believe it when I see it thanks haha

Everything else is waiting for this, so not much to report 🙂

Marching towards the finish line……….


I bought 2 Seal albums, and 3 Youngblood brass band albums the other day 🙂

I had loads of stuff to write, but I’m just going to delete it because I was drunk when I wrote it, and it was mosly about me, and you don’t want to hear about me hehe

My girl might like to, but then we would have nothing to uncover on our journey togeather HaHa

And more importantly, I can’t be bothered haha

Everyone is saying this is our week……..well there’s only 2 days left, so they better get a move on 🙂

Hopefully leaving fakebook next week…….fingers crossed


I just watched Tarot by Janine, she says that Trump won’t be arrested, but it may look like it’s close.

Obama will be arrested, but not this coming week, and it maybe Hillary arrested this week 🙂

I know she’s already long gone, but for the normies hehe

Mississipi river poisened with nuclear waste = no, but that was the plan, all water ways being cleaned up, worldwide 🙂

Putin going to be arrested = no, deep state planned that, but no, as he was rescuing kids from Ukraine pedo network 🙂

I have no idea if any of that is true, we will wait and see this coming week………I hope someone gets arrested, because that’s are go sign for currency holders.

The first arrest will shock the world



Panic over hahahaha

I said to my girl that I’m head over heels in love with you, and you have to trust me, like I trust you, and she hearted that messege, and the story I told her, and re-hearted the happy valentine’s day messege 🙂

But, I drank a bottle of wine that night, 1 half big bottles of beer, and projectile vomited in the toilet, before she did that the next day hahahaha

I’ve only been sick twice in more than 20 years, both times here, both times projectile, but at least I got to the toilet this time hehe

So I didn’t have to call my cleaner for an emergency this time haha