I believe that you create your own reality, so start thinking about how you want your life to be, where to live, your favorite job etc and get busy creating it, and saying thank you for it every day, like you already have it 🙂

Don’t live in fear or even think fearful thoughts, if you do, say, “cancel, cancel, cancel”, and think the opposite good thought 3 times. After doing this a few times, every one is different, you will have less and less negative, bad thoughts.

If your thinking bad, negative thoughts, then you are most likely to manifest the bad, negative stuff that you’ve been thinking about. This is really important to understand, and do, in my opinion 🙂

Don’t worry, be happy, as the Bob Marley tune goes hehe

Peace out mother fuckers hahaha



In the 5th dimension there is no money 🙂

Extinct animals will come back after the solar flash, except dinosaurs because they were created by the reptilians. (this is still Ismael’s stuff, so don’t blame me if it dosen’t happen haha)

This I got from Ron Reesburg on Facebook, It’s the start of the chinese new year on Sunday, the year of the rabbit, and the chinese dragon family are puting up the money/gold for the RV/GCR so eyes on next week……….Also, there’s a Q post that is coming up on a delta this coming monday that says, “The great awakening”, and another one that says, “A week to remember”. So fingers crossed this is it 🙂

But I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said that……hahahahahaha


This is Ismael and me, mostly Ismael though……

What happens on earth will happen in the entire universe and it takes a while to undo all the shit that they have done for !000’s of years hehe That’s why it’s taking so long, but we are nearly there 🙂

That’s why many ET’s are here and watching us around Jupitor and closer, because they want to witness are assension because nothing like this has happened before. The QFS (Quantum Finacial System) is operated by organic AI. We, the humans, are organic computors really.

Space craft that the ET’s use connect to each persons consciouness.

After the solar flash we will all be about 30 years old and live much longer, and pets will also live much longer, which I know my girl will be happy about because she has a dog, cats, birds etc hehe I will be very happy about this too as I love all animals 🙂

I think I’ve said this before but, as long as your 51% sevice to others you will suvive the flash.

Be in the here and now, don’t be in fear, meditation can help with that, and all the stuff I’ve said here about being happy.

We are no longer in the 3rd dimension, we are now in the 4th dimension, and the 4th dimension is all about truth, so buckle up because we are going to hear about treason in many countries, child trafficking, the truth about the WEF (World Economic Forum) and how they are all a bunch of pedo’s who want to depopulate the planet, and much more, and it’s comming real soon.

The biggest ever, worldwide, ongoing, sting operation of all time, then 1000 years of peace and prosperity for all whoop whoop

Bring it on, I’m fucking ready hehe 🙂


I’m imagining that my girl has done a lot of inner work on her self because she works in a humanitarian style job, travels a lot for pleasure and dosen’t seem to have any worries at all 🙂

I’m going to learn a lot from her, and I imagine she will learn a lot from me. That’s the way it should be, in my humble opinion 🙂

Now to Ismael Perrez’s stuff. Someone put 7 hours of interveiws togeather and I resonate with him a lot, so I shared it on Fakebook and Twatter. Ismael is a wealth of information, and has a photographic mind.

I’m only half way through, and you really should watch it yourselves, but this is some of what I got from it 🙂

When you eat organic foods it’s easier for spirit to flow through you.

We all have to do the inner work if we want to improve are lives, and the lives of those around us.

The first humans were 600 million years ago in Lyra, before Atlantis I think.

When we have orgasms we are creating new worlds all around the universe 🙂 (I have no idea if this is true, but it sounds great hehe)

The 26 000 year cycle, that I think the Mayan’s talked about, is ending now 🙂

We are living in a conscious universe and each cell in our bodies is a tiny universe.

Religion is a tool to keep us in fear 😦 And when I visit Dawn, who is very religious, I can understand that. I don’t even think she knows it, consciously 😦

The more you meditate, the more intuitive you become.

The entire scientific community is controlled by the Cabal 😦

When the cabal is gone from the earth, the inner earh people will come to the surface and celebrate whoop whoop

Melania Trump was behind the rescuing of all the children from the DUMBs. She speaks 6 languages.

And that’s it for now, I’m only halfway through.

And I have a peace of land in mind, right on the beach to build my house in Columb, south Goa, but I have to talk to my girl first because she might not even want to live in Goa haha 🙂

It would have a Gym looking out over the ocean, air con in the Gym and a table and sofa’s and TV for when it’s to hot hehe and a bar 🙂

Open plan living/dinner/front room. 2 or 3 bedrooms with at least 2 having an ocean view. On sweet bathrooms for all 3.

Marble floors throughout because it’s hot there and I love marble, maybe a marble kitchen top to hehe

I’m just throwing stuff out there really, we will have to wait and see, maybe my girl won’t like any of my ideas haha

I’m sure that whatever we do, it will be great. That’s just the way I roll hehe


I realised that I said I’m happy 99% of the time these days……….if that’s not a great advert for “Thinkyourselfhappy” I don’t know what is hehehe

You have to do the work, which is saying the thank you’s daily, meditation daily, nature daily etc….you get the idea 🙂 all those things I wrote about here over the years.

Anyway, I just shared something about Madonna and child trafficking, so it’s starting to hit the main stream media now, but this is just the begining, so buckle up because it ain’t gonna be pretty 😦

We are getting closer to the big reveal, drip drip to flood as Q says.

And never forget why I, and many others around the world are documenting this…….it’s all about the children that have been trafficked all over the world for centuries, on a massive scale, and the military’s of the world are finaly putting a stop to it and executing the people involved, blowing up the DUMB s (Deep Underground Military base’s) where the bad miltary’s new about it but did nothing 😦

That’s all changed now due to the Alliance and off world help whoop whoop 🙂

I try to keep it high vibe here, but there has been some nasty shit going on for a very long time, and I feel the need to tell people what’s been going on so we can start to heal 🙂


Just a reminder, non of what they say their going to do, like injecting vaccines into the food supply, will happen. It’s just to show you what they would of done, if they were really still in charge, and it’s to scare you so that nothing like this can ever happen again, because we are dealing with pure evil here 😦

There ramping it up now, so I’m guessing we are close, one more big scare to come I think. Maybe Hungary, I think it is on a war footing, or something like that.

I want to tell you about my date plans for my girl, but that would give it away, and it depends on a few things happening quite quickly if I’m going to get there by her birthday next month hehe We will have to see 🙂

I bloody hope so though……


Michael Salla and the ant peole were a good watch 🙂 I shared that on fakebook. http://www.exopoliticstoday.com

I’ve deleted most of the channals on Telegram because they were doing my head in hehe But I’m still sharing what I think is relevant, and some inspirational stuff to get people thinking.

I went to the pub on the moors yesterday (Sunday) because it’s got a great view, and it’s got the sea on the horizon 🙂 and I love listening to the old guys stories of there hols in the USA and there wisdom, and the sheep that come into the car park and wander about, and there used to be a bath tub that they would drink out of.

I don’t really spend any time on Facebook except to share stuff I think is important to the great awakening 🙂 and when I’m laying in bed in the morning and finished sharing things, I go on fakebook for a while and look at the Tic Tock video’s because they have some good inspirational stuff, and some funny things 🙂

I’d rather be out there, living life, going on adventures, sleeping with my girl hehe but I can’t right now due to my stroke, but that’s all going to change soon, thank God, nearly 12 years is a long time to be out of action lol

I told the old guys a couple of truths after 2 beers, like Lady Di is coming back and General Patton is Trump’s real father hahaha They said they would take there hat off to me if it’s true, and I said that I would be on the way to India by then hehe

I can’t help being blunt, that’s just the way I was made hehe I’m not the most eloquent at speaking, but it’s always the truth, to the best of my knowledge.

But I have to say that I don’t have deep conversations to often because I know a lot of truths that would up-set people if I spoke them hehe So I keep it to myself a lot 🙂

I’m better off just sitting in silence and observing others without interjecting my thoughts hehe

I’m on fire when I’ve had a few drinks hahahaha

I’m pretty sure that most blokes have no idea what women have to put up with to be with a man haha

My girl read my blog and got it all straight away (I think) and didn’t question me about medbed’s, zim, or anything else. Where as my Mum, sister etc have all the same info and don’t believe a word of it, or say that they will believe it when they see it, but arn’t getting there hopes up……..I think that’s one of the many reasons she’s my girl 🙂

And that’s my rant from the pub yesterday.

By the way, when I wrote that stuff about my girl the other day, that was all unscripted and was just flowing as I wrote it 🙂

Peace out…….


So I just watched the Jeane Claude and Janine rumble show, so these are the highlights:

Lisa Marie Presley is still alive

WEF and the Davos meeting coming up is all fake to wake people up, there all facing justice for pedophillia, crimes against humanity, the vaccine scam etc 🙂

The real Joe Biden is long gone, dead, executed about 3 years ago 🙂

I’ve said that before, but just to recap hehe

New internet is coming, but this time it’s under white hat control, for the good of humanity.

Silver will over take gold this year, so buy some while it’s cheap if you have any spare wonga haha 🙂

That’s all folks hehe


I’m back on FB hehe

I got Dawn, my house mate some smoke yesterday and I had a smoke with her and she told that, Mark, Cathy, Saffron and Kerry used to go to her with all their problems. For some reason they talk to her, and she has helped those people solve there problems. (they all live, or used to live in the house).

And she said that Cathy, who is in the room directly above me, used to do scancis(I spelt that wrong proberly, but it’s when you talk to dead people, and not in a nice way) I don’t know anything about it really.

And I realised that I’m a happy chappie 99% of the time, singing along to music, the older stuff before auto-tune hehe, laughing a lot, even tho I’m on my own all the time hehe, and I’m in nature every day, then I am in all day, while her upstairs is at work. And I had a realisation that all my good energy is going right upstairs and clearing out all that negative energy from the talking to dead people stuff, or whatever she does, and that made me feel good inside 🙂

When I go round Dawn’s, usaly to give her a smoke, and not that often, she unloads on me, and I’m not bothered, but she’s quite often stressed after everyone else in the house unloading on her.

And I realised that I have a need to be here, or I did, but now it’s time for me to move on and start the next faze of my life, which is India, lots of sex and happiness hehe

I’ve finaly done my job here and now I get to reap the rewards 🙂

Dawn did say that I cut her off sometimes, but it’s because I get exited about what I have to say, because we have some good chats 🙂 I will have to pay attention to that in the future, cuz I don’t want to cut people off, ever, I just get exited sometimes.

I said before that every day’s a school day, you just have to be aware of the lessons when they arrive hehe 🙂

I help Dawn and she helps me.

Hang out with people who are trying to improve themselves and lift you up, not people who put you down 🙂

Love and light to all……..


Just because I write about, for instance, the sun revolving around the earth, or vice versa, I really don’t give a fuck either way haha I can’t prove, or disprove either. I only really care about what I can change for the better, and as big as possible, for the whole planet, flat earth, whatever it is, sun moving, earth spinning………whatever……..and I’ve had a drink now, so I’m even more honest hehe

Cheers to me hahahaha