The story so far’ below happened over a few years but I’m not sure I made that clear.

If you’ve got children and there worried about tests at school, then tell them “don’t think of it as a test:” think, “it will make you stronger”.

At some point we all realize that we have to fix our souls if we want to move forward.

Starting to help other people, without expecting anything in return is a good place to start.

If your trying to help someone else then the thoughts of what you should do will just come to you if you just start.

We’re at a stage of moving to higher conciousness. We have to be alteristic because we can’t go on being selfish and having such a gap between the rich and the poor.

My sister, Peggy Melmoth, who put my thoughts into the computer an made the course. she started me on this way of thinking when I moved to London with her, 20 years ago, but she got side tracked by kids. She’s now got a website called ‘The School of Special Sauce’. Which is similar stuff, but I kept at it full time, had a stroke,etc and thats why I think i’m so wise now.

I’m doing a new course soon about Visualisation and that will also be really straight forward and it will change your life for the better. That will also be £25 because I want a better affordable life for everyone.

We have a choice everyday, Do we think about war and will we, won’t we, or do we think about stuff that we can have an influence on and will make our lives better.

I say the latter. And if we all indvidualy do that then before long we will be doing that on mass and our lives will be better. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, respects your present, and encourages your future. If you haven’t got those kind of friends then maybe its time to get out there and find some new friends.

You can find out how in my new course, ‘Visualisation’, coming soon.

When you throw dirt at other people you lose ground on your own path.

Everyone’s path is different, but we all have one. I think we’ve largely forgotten that, so i’ve manifested to remind you all. If we’re all lost and unhappy then we will never find the way. Take my course for only £25 ‘Thinkyourselfhappy’and rediscover who you really are.

Happy already? Take my new course ‘Visualisation’ coming soon. Also only £25.

I’ve been traveling to India for 6 months a year, the last 13 years, accept the year I had the stroke. They wouldn’t let me leave the country for a year. If I did then I’d of had to pay for my treatment here.

I’ve been north, and to the very tip, south and west, and one day soon I’ll go east to auroville and the french quarter.

And if you don’t know then India is an amayzing and very spiritual country like nowhere else on earth and I highly recommend you all go there for at least 1 month in your life to get a feel of the place. And when you do, I bet you’ll want to go again 😉

I spend most of my time in South Goa between November and April. Come and say hi if you do. I’ve got dreadlocks and shaved at the sides.

I cut my dreadlocks off the year before I had my stroke but short hair dosen’t suit me because of my wonky fringe 😉 and I felt weirid. Since I’ve had dreadlocks again I’ve starting writing courses to help other people feel like I do. Which is amayzing. Bet you never thought you’d here that from someone who has had a stroke.


Be nice.

Everything starts with your thinking. Once your thinking is fixed, then all the other areas of your life, money, love, etc will flow. So fix your thinking first.

You either think positively or negatively. If you think negatively then negative things will happen to you. So think before you transform your thoughts in to words, ‘is it negative or positive’ before you speak.

It will be hard at first but it will get easier the more you do it and your life will flow more and more.

Thats what life’s really all about, learning to over come heart aches, drink problems etc. I used to drink way to much all the time. Now I hardly ever drink. Like last night, I had 2 cans of Scrum jack and felt like i’d had 10 and now i’m writing all this. So a little can be good. Just don’t over do it.

EVERYONE has to go through heart aches and pain to grow and mature.

If you haven’t sussed out that we’re all connected to the planet then maybe my E-courses’s can help you.

The more you find out that we’re all connected to the planet the more you want to know because there’s nothing more important.

However you perceive the planet then thats how it will be for you. If you think the world is a dark and hostile place then thats probably how it will be for you.

But if you look at it as a positive and happy place, interesting and things to learn thats probably the world you will find. Its not perfect of course but nothing is.

Focus on what you do want life style wise, if you could pick your dream job, dream country to live in etc then my new course ‘Visualisation’ coming soon, can help you.

It’s an expanding universe and hate never wins so love will expand with the universe so things are just going to get better and better.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when there at there lowest when you realise you have to start being thankful for stuff. So start today. My E-courses’s will tell you how.

The past is gone so look forwards not back. Remember the happy stuff, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Life’s to short for regrets and worrying about bad stuff from the past. Always move forward.

I said earlier that the ‘more along the path to enlightenment you are the more your tested on stuff’ and thats true at first but you can get through all that so don’t quit and you’ll be stronger than ever when you come out the other side.

And your going to have hiccups along the way but tomorrows another day. Thats really important…..take ONE DAY AT A TIME in life. There’s no rush.

My E-courses’s will tell you how.

Focus on the positive EVERY day, not the negative

And if you haven’t already, read ‘The Afterlife of Billy Fingers’ by Annie Kagan. I’ve just read it today It’s a true story that will tell you all you need to know about death!!!

teaching you how to live your life.

It’s written by Karen and dictated by her recently deceased brother, Billy.

And you don’t have to worry basicly, just do what makes you happy.

My friend Rob just came round, he’s just been dumped by his missus and can’t see his daughter, and said ‘since you’ve given me pointers on how to be happy the other day, my life has really come together, my new girlfriend has bought a 2 bedroom flat and said I can move in and not work and paint for a living,’ which is what he’s always wanted.

A perfect example of synchronisity in action.

Just be happy and optimistic and everything will fall into place.

Life is usaly simple, over thinking stuff only leads to stress.

I think I have a real lust for life. I wake up every day wanting to do better than yesterday.

Don’t worry about anything, the solution will come, just not always straight away. And rarely the way u think it will. It takes time at first but the more you THINK this way the sooner it comes. It can take weeks and it can take years but the more POSITIVE you are EVERYDAY the sooner it should come.

You become more aware of your thoughts, the more enlightened you become as you realize every thought has an outcome.

I think our mission on this planet is to work through all our addictions and concer them EVERYDAY and either you get reborn if you don’t concor your addictions or those that do move forward when we die to the next level. What ever that may be?

The better you’re doing on the way to enlightenment, the brighter your future looks, the more your tested on stuff relevant to you.

Life will take you were you need to go and quite often its not where you want to go but life has its reasons and its normally to teach you stuff so just go with it and let it take you where you need to go.

When ever you make dessisions about addictions you know you’ll be tested on them so you have to stay strong. Maybe write it down every time your tested and say wether you stuck to your guns or not.

(I wrote all this after my stroke so if its a bit jumbled and short thats why)


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