I bought 2 Seal albums, and 3 Youngblood brass band albums the other day 🙂

I had loads of stuff to write, but I’m just going to delete it because I was drunk when I wrote it, and it was mosly about me, and you don’t want to hear about me hehe

My girl might like to, but then we would have nothing to uncover on our journey togeather HaHa

And more importantly, I can’t be bothered haha

Everyone is saying this is our week……..well there’s only 2 days left, so they better get a move on 🙂

Hopefully leaving fakebook next week…….fingers crossed



I just watched Tarot by Janine, she says that Trump won’t be arrested, but it may look like it’s close.

Obama will be arrested, but not this coming week, and it maybe Hillary arrested this week 🙂

I know she’s already long gone, but for the normies hehe

Mississipi river poisened with nuclear waste = no, but that was the plan, all water ways being cleaned up, worldwide 🙂

Putin going to be arrested = no, deep state planned that, but no, as he was rescuing kids from Ukraine pedo network 🙂

I have no idea if any of that is true, we will wait and see this coming week………I hope someone gets arrested, because that’s are go sign for currency holders.

The first arrest will shock the world



Panic over hahahaha

I said to my girl that I’m head over heels in love with you, and you have to trust me, like I trust you, and she hearted that messege, and the story I told her, and re-hearted the happy valentine’s day messege 🙂

But, I drank a bottle of wine that night, 1 half big bottles of beer, and projectile vomited in the toilet, before she did that the next day hahahaha

I’ve only been sick twice in more than 20 years, both times here, both times projectile, but at least I got to the toilet this time hehe

So I didn’t have to call my cleaner for an emergency this time haha


I’m a patient man, but my girl removed a heart from my happy valentine’s day messege today, after I sent her a funny story of what happened to me today.

That’s the second time she removed something now, so I texed her back, saying, if you don’t want to be with me when I get to India, just tell me, cus life’s to short for bull shit.

Admitedley I was a bit drunk, and hadn’t texted her for ever, and said that I’m not in India yet, but I thought you might like this…..

I’m head over heels in love with her, but like I said, life’s to short for bull shit 🙂


I’m still watching tarot by Janine, but she hasen’t said much new info 🙂

She says that the RV has been delayed……..well, I know that, because I follow it every day. And everything is a white hat opp to wake the world up. So the same thing for ages now haha

I guess some people are just a bit slow, or something hehe She takes ages to go over about 3 or 4 things, like 40 minutes, and she talks, and shuffles her cards for 15 minutes before she does the first reading, and repeats herself a lot, which is quite frustrating for me haha So now I forward the first 15 minutes to were she lays the first cards 🙂

I think I may be an empath, as I seem to feel everything a lot, and I know my mum is an empath, but much worse than me.

I want to help everyone, and make everyone feel better haha.

Especialy if they are going through hard times.

I used to worry that my girl would find it hard, because I’m so blunt sometimes. But I recently found out that Aquarius and Scorpio’s are very blunt and to the point, no messing about, which is a relife to me hehe

(My girl and me, respectively)


I forgot to say that the FBI arrested Hunter Biden, on the 8th March, I think, and the market is starting to crash this week, which is what we’ve been waiting for 🙂

So next up is the scare event, maybe a world war 3 scenario, and that’s the signal for the military to visit Mr C, to put the codes in, and us to exchange, while everyone’s freaking out about the WW3 scare thingy hehe

I’m not even exited now, because we have had so many false starts, this may be another one. So I’m not going to get exited until I recieve the email with the phone number, or however they rock it out haha


On my walk in the woods today, I thought about making a film of my life, and call it, 12 years a stroke, in reference to 12 years a slave haha It’s got a similar theme, your limited in movements, the pay ain’t worth the hassel, and every days a struggle hehehehe

Not really gonna make a film, but I thought it was amusing on my walk 🙂

Nothing else to report really. Or maybe I can’t be bothered anymore, I just want it done, so I can be healed and get on with my life, with money in my pocket, and disapere in India with my girl, 2, birds, 2 cats (at least) and Flokie the dog 🙂

Peace out bitches hehe