Back on Fuckbook haha 🙂 I’m calling it fuckbook because they keep fucking me hehehe

I told my mum that they were resucing children right back at the start of lockdown 2 years ago……… she didn’t beleive me, she will soon.

I don’t do subtle when it comes to waking people up, I do full power, 24 hour, no toilet, no shower haha I got that from parties in India. I don’t know why, it just comes out that way hehe 🙂

People like those that read this blog, and other researchers who are ahead of the curve, know what’s really going on with child trafficking etc, know that it’s all about the children, and know what new world awaits us very soon, sleep well at night, knowing that it’s just a matter of time until we’re in a brand new world, with trillions of pounds for humanitarin projects, free energy, hover cars etc, proper education for are kids etc, not the crap there learning now. We don’t really have to wake anyone else up, our vibe and aura extends quite far from our bodies and we are walking love bubbles and people are naturally drawn to us……in my humble opinion 🙂

I just realised that Q did say, many times that we are the news now, so handle with care. It was a few years ago now, but I see what he/she/it/ whatever it is……..I think it’s got off planet influence.

And lasty, Namaste day means, “I bow to you”, apparently, I didn’t know that 🙂



God is inside everyone of us, not out there somewhere 🙂

http://www.exopoliticstoday.org I just listened to the latest with Michael Salla and JP, he does off planet missions, on planet missions etc, for the US Army, and he said that their are giants waking up all over the world, in space Ark’s and underground I think, and the Nordic’s, ET’s, told him that it is because Enki (The Annunaki) has recently come back into the solar system 🙂

You may, or may not know of the story of Enli and Enki, I don’t hahahaha 🙂

Michael said that Ellana said that Enki had recently returned too.

There are space ark’s burried in Florida, Ukraine, near the bermuda triangle, and other places yet to be disclosed.

The Nordic’s taught JP a telepathy trick, where you look into the other persons eye’s, and be in a meditative state, close your eye’s, open them again, close the again, and picture what you want to say in your mind 🙂

Only do it with people you trust.

The Nordic’s speak with a cross between a Jamacican/Spanish accent.

I highley recommend watching the whole show……..It’s only about 40 minutes.

Peace out nigga’s hehe 🙂


Micheal Jaco, (ex-SEAL, ex-CIA, he used to put bubbles of love round his combat zones and they would never be hit) well he says that other card readers look up to Janine because she has good conection to source, and she dosen’t know anything about what she’s reading about in general 🙂

That’s why she got took off YouTube, because she was undoing all the Cabals spells hehe

I hypothicate (is that even a word hehe) that the Universe has always been, and will always be……..thus what came first, the chicken or the egg is irrelevant haha

I think we’ve been living in a massive psyopp all our lives 😦

I thought we’d lived in one kind of world, when really,it was a demonic one, where governments of the world were in to pedophillia, child trafficking, child sacrifce etc, and child trafficking is acctually bigger than the drug trade:-(

In the trillions of dollars a year.

Thank fuck it’s all but over now. But I did hear that they are taking more chances now as it gets harder and harder to get people, so take a man you can trust with you when you go out for drinks, if your a girl 🙂

My girls got mostly male freinds I think, so I know she’ll be ok.

There was a clip of some people trying to steal a baby from a crowded cafe, I saw the other day 😦

Now from the Jean-Claude and Janine Rumble show, which I forwarded to my girl, don’t know if she”ll watch it hehe but I will go over a bit of it here…….

Twatter has been promotting child trafficking for ages, and Elon is cleaning it up now 🙂

Kanye West has been calling them out on it. Kanye has brocken his MK ultra programing for the second time now and they are being outed.

The Washington Posts, The jabbed are the ones that are dying 😦 (I sent that to everyone on my Telegram, including my girl, every now and then I share stuff to everyone there, if I think it’s important)

The President of Ukraine, Zelinsky, is a deep cover white hat.

And that’s it for today……….If I messed it up it’s because it’s to early in the morning Hahaha

Going back to bed for an hour hehe


I just watched the latest http://www.tarotbyjanine.com

Here’s what she says………

The plan for vaxx passports worldwide is just trying to wake people up to what the Cabal/Deep state, etc would have done if they could……………… but it won’t happen 🙂

I think a lot of people will be in prison, or executed, personally 🙂 (Me)

Trump will be back by 2023, maybe before.

The green new deal, which is all fake by the way, the planet isn’t on it’s last legs hahahahaha

Well, that’s not going to happen, according to the cards………And I know they are just trying to scare people, because if you have a population that lives in fear, they are easy to control.

Me speaking now……We just need more trees, which I will help with. There’s about 3 trillion trees on the planet right now, and there should be at least 6 trillion, according to DGB (Dutch Green Bussiness) and with my humanitarian funds I’m going to Cornwall, Titagel Castle, where there is a hotel and also that’s where John Mapin lives, who is the owner of DGB 🙂

Back to Janine……..

We are all going to be sovereign.

All governments are going to fall at the same time 🙂

(I can vouch for that, with all that I have reserched the past few years, and I can’t wait………Whoop whoop)

All governments agenda’s at the mo are just to wake people up to what they would have done, so that it NEVER happens again.

Alex Collier, who has had ET contact for decades, says that we are really close, days away from the EBS, (Emergency Broadcast System) all governments being taken out etc.

Janine says that he got that from off world (ET’s), according to her cards, but the timing maybe off by a week or two 🙂

Bring it on baby………I’m fucking ready hehehe

And that’s my up-date

Did you guess that I hate the cold and winter by my moaning about the heating etc?? Hahahahaha

If I never spent another winter here it would be the best thing in the world Brrrrrrrrrrrr 🙂


I watch something about Megan Rose, who was abducted by reptilians, but rescued by Val Nek, of the galactic federation, and he says that we, as humans, are taught to hold on to emotions, and his people are taught to just go with it, and let it go 🙂

Holding on to emotions lowers your vibration.

He also says that mermaid are real, but uglier than you’d expext haha 🙂 And you will almost never see them because they like to remain hidden. They comunicate telepathiclly and are very, very old.


I texted my girl the other day, “I can’t wait to kiss you”. Because I had just been thinking about it, and didn’t think anymore of it 🙂 The next day, while walking in the woods, I had an idea, I would text her again, starting out with, “I can’t wait”……..but make it a bit sexy, then the day after, text her again, starting out with, “I can’t wait,” and make it even sexier.

I’ve got one left, tomorrow 🙂

I won’t tell you what they said, that’s private.

She dosen’t text back much hehe I don’t mind, and she hasn’t told me to fuck off yet 🙂 hehehehe

So I will keep texting now and then.


It’s red wine Friday with Mr C 🙂

How do make a knapkin dance?

Put a boogie init 🙂 haha

I texted my girl last Thursday saying it’s red wine Thursday because it’s my birthday in two days, (or something like that)

What I didn’t tell her is at about 12 midnight I was asleep and woke up, sat on the edge of my bed and projectile vomited the red wine, salmon, broccoli, tomatoes and spinach hahahahaha I never throw up, so it was a bit strange.

I had to phone my cleaner, Cathy, in the morning to come and clean it up for 20 quid 🙂

I can’t get down there and only have one hand etc 😦

The heating used to be on all the time in the summer, now it’s winter, we have a new boiler now, it only comes on from 7-8am and 4-7pm now 😦

I’m having to use an electric heater inbetween those times……I’m not freezing because they want to save on bills. It’s proberly going to cost more electric that way, but everything is included in my rent price, so I’m not bothered.

I’ve had so many problems since I moved here about 4 years ago, and it affects all 11 flats, not just mine 😦

I’ll be glad to get out of this place and fuck off to India hehe

And that’s most of the stuff I forgot over the last few days Haha

Peace out mother fuckers 🙂


I was listening to Black Box, the track is called Ride on Time on the radio, with my coffee in the woods this morning, Turned it up 🙂

It proberly came out when my girl was really young. One of the first electronic songs on the radio.

I had more to say, but I forgot it hahahaha

Maybe I’ll remember later…….


Not much to report…….I’m sick of saying we are close and nothing happens, so I won’t say that anymore 🙂 hehehe

But I do know that I’m not freaking out about having to move on the 5th Jan because I KNOW we will be all done by then. whoop whoop

I had a bit of stuff to write but I deleted it yesterday because you don’t want to know about my landlord sleeping with tenants for a discount, or some of the other stuff I had. Haha

I’m just watching lots of films to keep the time going bye 🙂

Seven Pounds is a good one, I had a little cry at the end of that hehe Don’t tell my girl tho hahaha

To be fair, ever since my stroke I get a bit more emotional with films etc, something to do with the stroke apparantly.

Can’t think of anything else to say right now…….that’s why I haven’t up-dated my blog hahaha 🙂

Peace and Love to all……….and extra helpings for my girl.