Just in from Telegram:

Jan Desisto

My nephew is stationed at a military camp on the east coast…he was told told days ago to get ready at any minute!! I beleive something big is gonna happen.

Whoop whoop

I think that was from Trumps new site, Truth 🙂


That site didn’t work when I clicked it to check just now 😦

But it just worked when I did it on Safari on my Iphone, so try that 🙂

They are trying to sensor it 😦

We will win 🙂


OMG…..Q just started posting again, you can find him at http://www.Qagg.news.com

He said…..

What groups are financing Ukraine?

Why are they financing Ukraine?

Why was Hunter in Ukraine?

What did “pop” threaten to withhold from Ukraine?

A billion dollars?

Who benefits?

What did “pop” recieve in return?

Why is Hunter not in jail?






How do you control a “leader”?

How do you control a country?

Are you ready to take back control?

Your vote matters.

You have all the tools you need.


“Pop” is Joe Biden……..Hunter is his son…….Things are getting interesting again 🙂

“Pop” threatened to withhold a billion dollars if Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecuter in Ukraine looking into Hunter Biden in Ukraine. I’ve seen the tape recording of it.

Hunter’s laptop had loads of pics with him and 7/8 year old girls in stockings and suspenders and just really sick stuff, I haven’t even looked at it, but you can find it if you really want too 😦

It’s on the net, and there are some pictures out there, I’ve seen some of them.

I did have more to write, but I didn’t put it in my phone, now I forgot, but this is way more important anyway 🙂



The heating was on all summer, all day……now, the heating is on for 1 hour in the morning before I get up, and a few hours in the evening, 7-8pm 😦

I’m wearing a hat, hoodie, with the hood up, and a blanket from india with with mirrors on it, folded over to get more heat, and I’m still cold 😦

But my girl wants to come here in Febuary……..I hope she don’t mind if I stay in India till at least March/April

Hehehehehe 🙂

In the autum it’s nice to see all the leaves on the tree’s turn brown, pink, etc, but I want to leave by, or just after my birthday, on the 12th of November 🙂

I hate the cold 😦

I’ve spent more winters in the UK than in India, and I much prefere India 🙂


I use God an Universe interchangable (I don’t know if that’s even a word haha 🙂 )

The story Of Enki and Enlil has been reversed by Sichin, and Enlil is actualy the good one, according to http://www.tarotbyjanine.com and Ismael Perez 🙂 They are the Annaki (I spelt that wrong too hehe)

Trump, JFK, Lady Di, Elvis etc are the bloodline of Enlil 🙂 The Jesus bloodline.

From http://www.x22report.com


40% of covid deaths are faudulant. (I think the same, or similar can be said for the rest of the world) The maker of the PCR test even says that the PCR test can not pick up covid. 🙂

From Telegram

The tests that you stick up your nose has a really small micro-chip in, that wipes out you’re intuition 😦

Personally I think that’s just fear porn, so we don’t trust governments anymore 🙂

There’s a lot of fear porn out their right now. But we (the currency group, we’re told to expect a lot of dis-info at the end of this, just before it goes 🙂

I got an email from Mr Ed this morning, (not his real name, me thinks hehe) the one I get up-dates of what’s going on in the zim group, and it was from someone called Okie, and he has been holding zim for years, and NEVER posted anything in the 3 years that I have had zim. He’s quite unwell, has been for a long time, and Markz has a paypal donation site for him every Friday to get stem cell treatment, and he’s had a few already 🙂

He’s saying that something that had to be done, I don’t know what, has finaly been done, and it was the last thing that had to be done so that we can have our reset 🙂

He said that he can’t say too much, but we are very, very close 🙂

It’s the American midterm elections on Tuesday, and Charlie Ward, http://www.charlieward.tv , phoned into Markz on Saturday morning ( he never phones in) and said that his spiritual contact said that the fake Biden was planning a false flag on election day, and it would come out the same day that it was a false flag, and that the fake Biden was behind it, so the military would step in, and that would be the start of the remaining arrests (most have been done apparently) and the emergency broadcast system EBS, and our trigger to go to cash in our currencys 🙂 whoop whoop

Let’s see what happens, but, fingers and toes crossed because I’m getting kicked out on the 5th of January 🙂

The landlord requires the possesion of my flat, and a few others. I don’t know if this is because I hold them to account every time there’s no heating or electric (which is very often, for no good reason) or something else.Whatever the reason, I want this done so we can get on with our humanitarian projects and stop living on the bread line, and see all these pedo’s and treasonus peeps get some justice 🙂

Most of the arrests have already happened, apparently.

And the most important thing to me, go to India and see my girl 🙂

Rant over……..


Almost every time I get in to bed I laugh, don’t know why, been doing it for a few years now. Haha 🙂

Everyday’s a school day, and today I was watching The Hunters, a film about a secret society that finds and protects artifacts from getting into evil hands. It was good, I can recomend it on Amazon. 🙂

When it fininshed it was The Book of Daniel up next. Now you know that I’ve never read the bible, so I don’t know much about it to comment, but………

On my morning walks in the woods I do my thank you’s, including for my perfect girl, and at the end I was saying, “And may God bless you all”.

But recently I thought about it and the ET’s stopped showing themselves to humans because the humans thought that they were Gods. Now Jesus says, “You will do all the things I do, and more”. So that made me think that maybe I’m a God too, so I’ve started saying, “I bless you all”.

The Book of Daniel is about Kings who thought that they were above God, and so God stripped Nebakaneza of his Royal life style until he says that the God of all is the one true God. ( I’m making it much simplier, but you get the idea) And eventualy he said those things and his wealth was restored.

I don’t think it was by chance that I decieded to watch that film, I think I was divinley guided to watch it 🙂

What do you think?

I will be changing what I say at the end too,”May God bless you all”. Hehehehehe



http://www.x22report.com just confirmed the Lizz Truss hack story 🙂

I just got banned from Fakebook again for going up against the WHO (World Health Organisation) I have appealed, saying that EVERYONE is going to know the truth soon, so we will see what happens.

But I shared a shit load of truths today before I got banned 🙂

I did watch a comedy last night on Amazon called Interstate 60 that was quite good. Quite a few cameo’s, including Michael J Fox, which was good because of what he’s going through 😦


The normies ( I knicked that from Janine hehe) are starting to wake up 🙂 a friend of mine, who is British, but spends a lot of time in Mexico and is there now, just posted on Fakebook that someone hacked Lizz Truss’s phone ( former Prime Minister of the UK) and about 1 min after the nord stream pipeline blew up, she texted Blinken, just saying “Done”……..hahaha Now, I don’t think it was hacked as much as I think the white hats are in control, and are exsposing her as a corrupt little fucker, just like everyone else in politics hehehe

I also heard a few weeks ago that 2 MI6 agents were awarded medals for doing something secret, about 2 days after the nord stream pipeline was blown up hahaha

Again, I don’t think it was an accident that it leaked out, I think the Alliance (white hats) are showing you how corrupt these people are 🙂


I just watched the latest http://www.tarotbyjanine.com and she did…….

1. Will the comonwealth people get back their stolen money from the crown.

She said, It’s universal timing and in the next 2 years, we will all be abundante, and healthier, good food, without all the poisoning etc. (sounds a lot like medbeds too me hehe)

2. Will the EBS (Emergency Broacst System) and martial law worldwide, still happen?

She got a yes, and martial law for about 7 days while we have disclosure. It’s ready to go. And there won’t be a nuclear war, though they will proberly make you think there will be. (we haven’t had nukes for ages)

3. Will they arrest Trump?

She got that it had been filmed already, but proberly won’t happen now, due to something about the cabal changing things. It may be off the table now 🙂

4. Was the people sacrificed in a halloween thing in South Korea true?

She got that they want the normies to believe it’s true, because they are outing that kind of thing, and they were crisis actors 🙂 phew……….I haven’t seen the footage, but my girls story was about that, so that’s good to know, because my girls story was the first time that I heard about it because I don’t watch the news, because you can’t tell what’s true on the news, and what is not haha 🙂

That’s why I have never watched the news, all my adult life hehe

Basicly they are outing these sick bastards on every level. Whoop whoop

And she says that the whole Paul Palosi getting attacked by a hammer in his home is all bs too, because him and Nancy were rounded up ages ago for pedophillia 🙂

Apparntly Michael Jackson played Nancy last year sometime……just a cameo….he was always a master of disguise hehe

JFKjr is also a master of disguise, and has played many people since his “death” hehe in 1999 🙂

I can’t wait for the end of this movie so we can see all the people him and MJ have played since their “deaths” hehehe

And lastly, I have to put this, Janine might be a deep, deep cover black hat really, but her cards keep comming up with the same things my research does, so I doubt it very much haha