I got an email yesterday that said that all those false emails saying it’s time to go, were to catch all the bad actors with currency, but that is all done now 🙂

Then I got another one this morning saying that after the banks shut yesteday that the people in Europe were having an RV party because it’s all done and we, tier 4b, are next………I hope this is true, because I have plans, and I want it NOW hahaha Don’t they know that I’m the most important person in the world, and I have plans???? hahahaha

Obviously I’m joking hehe

Whoop whoop



Ohh, and a big oak front door with an arch and a buzzer in the kitchen.

And I’m still on Fakebook after 2 or 3 weeks, so the white hats must be in control now haha 🙂

According to Ricardo Bosi, of the Australia one party, that I just watched, with Jean Claude and Janine, I’ve been talking to pure love on my walks in the morning, and before I sleep. So when I’m asking for my perfect girl, pure love wouldn’t fuck me up hehe.

He also said that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and the Mason’s want to destroy christianity and break up the family so that we are easier to control 😦

Makes me wanna have kids now to fuck up their plans hehe

And by the way, I never wanted kids, but that may change now, cuz I want to make babies with my girl for some reason haha

And that they took reincarnation out of the bible to control us 😦

Well, that didn’t work then.

The last five years have taught me, that really, the only thing I know for sure, is that I know nothing haha


Q post 3010

Mar 9th 2019

Donald trump’s twitter says “Treason?”

Q says……

It’s about to happen

Be vigilant


Maybe this is it this time haha

Also, on my house I will have a pole to slide down to take a dip in the pool, and another set of steps near the pole hehe.

I’ve got my eye on a piece of land there, but first off, I don’t even know if my girl wants to move to South Goa haha.

God and girl willing hehe


I’m listening to T.I.P (Trust In Trance) a really old album from the 90’s, looking at my photos on the big screen, and designing my house in my head hehe

Idealy it would be right on the coast in Columb, South Goa, India, and have 3 arches, like meditaranian, yellow couler, with a big balconey all along the front under the arches, room for table, chairs, swinging hamock looking out to Sea, a pool in front of the arches with a bar at one end, four chairs and table 3 sunloungers.

Inside, from left to right if your standing with your back to the pool, a little gym looking out to sea, because I will have floor to ceiling windows, with a wall inbetween, but space at the back and front to walk through. Then the lounge open plan to the kitchen.

At the back of the lounge I will have a bird area, behind a window all the way along, so you can see them flying around. (My girl has 2 birds) and it opens to the outside on the other side of the building with a net/fence/thingy so the birds can’t escape hehe.

And the net will run the whole length of the house, with about a 14ft wall all around the back, so that the cats, (My girl has at least 2 cats hehe) can run about out there, and they will be safe and can’t escape. There will be different places for them to sleep, lazy about etc.

Back inside, the kithchen will have the sink looking out to sea with a breakfast bar running almost from the end of the bird area, towards the sink. Next is the bathroom jack and jill style, with on door going off the kitchen, the other to the first, smaller bedroom.

Then the big bedroom and another bathroom at the end, before the road, about 20 ft away. the front door will be beside that bathroom, with a big porch, table and chairs. Then on the other side of the wall were the net is, there will be a two car, big garage, with work space too 🙂

Back inside breifly, running all the way to the bird bit, will be a big sitting area, big enough to sleep on, for when we have guests.

The stairs to the roof garden start outside the front door and half the roof is covered, and half has table, chairs, sunloungers, and a bar hehe

Marble floors thoughout, white and a bit of black me thinks hehe

A big wall out the front, running all the way to the sea, so the cats can be free to roam 🙂

(I love cats)

Maybe a medbed for people to use in the garage bit 🙂

I don’t know what the situation is yet, until I go to redeem.

My bum hurts now so I’m going to sit down haha



Janine does a zodiac spread for March 2023, here is some highlights…….

Great time for new love, new relationships, abundance for all 🙂

It’s undeniable that God exists when you look at Gemantria. The “deaths” of JFK and Lady Di (both didn’t really die, they went in to witness protection) is all in Gemantria, and it’s clear that God is involved some how, and that it’s part of a divine plan from above, and includes Trump, JFKjr, JFK, Lady Di, MJ andmany more, and it’s absolutly BRILLIANT 🙂

According to Ismael, who was on with Tom numbers the other day, St Germaine has reincarnated as Trump.

And the Knights Templer carried the blueprint for the USA, and that’s how they are the only nation with a bill of rights and the constitution, and that’s why the dark hats want the USA to get in a war, and loose, so they can do away with the constitusion, because it’s so good that they can’t fuck with it and take all are rights away, around the world.

Because every other country goes by what the US does, because they are



Here is some of the world news, through the cards……..

New Zealand weather:

White hats cleaning it up, not the governent, to wake everyone up that there gov is useless haha

Other worldly ET’s were responsible for the weather there, in an on going war. (I don’t know what that means hehe)

50% less died than what the news is saying……those who did pass over, carmicly agreed to before they reincarnated here 🙂

That’s nice to know, if true.

(Whites hats means, anyone doing good, without an agenda).

Is Putin and Xi of China good or bad?

Good, they are working for the good of humanity, with new money system coming, and independant freedom for all 🙂

What ever taxes you are paying, is going to the Cabal, ww, it’s about the only money they have acess to now hahahaha

Maddeline McCann women was a set up by her mother, to make everyone think she’s alive, so no one gets in trouble. The truth is that elite men were raping and torturing her when she passed over, and they, the mum and dad, are trying to get out of the fact that they sold her to the elites, but it’s all going to come out, no one gets a free pass when it comes to the children…….phew

Trump was disguised as one of his doubles in Ohio, because there was a credible threat, but he really wanted to go, so he wore a mask, and it was obvious he was wearing a mask, so you thought it was a fake Trump, but it was the real one hahahaha Bloody brilliant…….

And a bit from Tom numbers and Janine, yesterday on YouTube, but you will have to watch the rest yourselves, as it’s Gemantria as well, which is f…ing amazing in it self 🙂

The real Bono was taken out by the white hats years ago, because he was born into a cult family, and he didn’t like it, so he’s in witness protection.


What if USA, China, Russia and others are working togeather to destroy the New World Order?


Back on http://www.tarotbyjanine.com This is what she’s saying:

Bad Putin was taken out about 11 years and replaced by a good Putin, by the white hats 🙂

Biden gone (executed) about 3 years ago.

Don’t be fooled by the coming world war 3 scenario. (everything is under white hat control)

All religions are corrupt at the top 😦

Trump was groomed for the position decades before he got there, without his knowledge, and didn’t know how much, until he bacame prez.

Best, long term plan ever, if you ask me hehe

This bits me speaking to you……..Religions are created to control you. All you have to do is go inside yourself, meditate etc and you will find the answers to all your questions, if you do it every day, or frequently. You don’t need churches, etc.

Mr C’s dad is an American Indian, and Mr C can’t be corrupted, and he worked with lots of corrupt people, like Bush Seniour for years, that’s why the Chinese Elder’s picked him to put the codes in that will change the world, over night 🙂

That’s all folks, I’m off for my Sunday pint on the moors.

Peace out


I’m back on Facebook, sharing more uncomfortable truths for the world to see hehe Don’t know how long I’ll last this time haha 🙂

I was going to say that I’m not going to talk about my girl anymore, because some people may not like it………and then I realised it’s my fucking blog, an I can do what ever I like, and fuck everyone else hahahaha

I found out recently that Aquaris and Scorpio, my girl and me, respectivley, are blunt and to the point, and say it like it is. I was a bit worried at how my girl would take it, but now I know that she’s the same as me, in so many ways, and I remebered that she’s my perfect girlfriend, and that I have nothing to worry about 🙂

If you haven’t read all my blog, I spent years saying thank you for my perfect girlfriend, and then, out of the blue, she ask me for a game of pool on my phone. (8 ball pool) you can find it in the app store on your phone.

It connects through fakebook and links up all your friends that have the app 🙂

My fee for http://www.tarotbyjanine.com didn’t go through, and I don’t get paid till Friday, so I have no updates from her 😦

But all is good, and getting closer to the Global Currency Reset GCR every day.


I keep thinking about my girl 🙂 I don’t mean too, but when I wake up, she’s the first thought I have haha

I hope she thinks about me too. I read on Tik Tock that if someone, boy/girl, is on your mind alot, romanticly, that he/she, is thinking about you too. I have no idea if this is true, but I like to think so hehe

I don’t care about my coming wealth, all I care about is my girl. It will make it easier to take her anywhere she wants to go, and buy her presents etc though hehe I care more about her than anything else 🙂

My girl dosen’t read my blog anymore, as far as I can tell, no one reads it haha But when I get to India I’m going to text her that I’m in India, and invite her to a magical mystery tour of South Goa. And I’m going to tell her that I’ve been blogging here and there, if she’s bored, and if she’s into me she will read it and then she will know how I feel 🙂

Cannabalism is alive and well for the elites, especialy kids and babies. I say this because janine says (www.tarotbyjanine.com) that that will be part of the disclosure, so I think of myself as someone who puts all these things in my blog so that it dosen’t come as such a shock to the system when it all comes out. Even McDonalds is rumoured to have human meat in. (I think it’s been cleaned up by now though, I fucking hope so.)

I’m not sure if anyone still reads my blog, but I’m doing it anyway, just in case 🙂

You can believe me or not. That’s up to you.

I don’t mind if I loose a friend or two over my blog…….I’m just doing what I think is right……..I’ll say again, it’s ALL about the children, and bring light on what these evil people have been doing to the for a very, very long time 😦

I can, and will, make new friends, and am looking forward to it hehe

There are a lot of false flags in America latley, almost daily, so we must be close………he said AGAIN HAHAHAHAHA 🙂

And that’s it for now….peace out mother fuckers haha