Focus on the positive EVERY day, not the negative

And if you haven’t already, read ‘The Afterlife of Billy Fingers’ by Annie Kagan. I’ve just read it today It’s a true story that will tell you all you need to know about death!!!

teaching you how to live your life.

It’s written by Karen and dictated by her recently deceased brother, Billy.

And you don’t have to worry basicly, just do what makes you happy.

My friend Rob just came round, he’s just been dumped by his missus and can’t see his daughter, and said ‘since you’ve given me pointers on how to be happy the other day, my life has really come together, my new girlfriend has bought a 2 bedroom flat and said I can move in and not work and paint for a living,’ which is what he’s always wanted.

A perfect example of synchronisity in action.

Just be happy and optimistic and everything will fall into place.

Life is usaly simple, over thinking stuff only leads to stress.

I think I have a real lust for life. I wake up every day wanting to do better than yesterday.

Don’t worry about anything, the solution will come, just not always straight away. And rarely the way u think it will. It takes time at first but the more you THINK this way the sooner it comes. It can take weeks and it can take years but the more POSITIVE you are EVERYDAY the sooner it should come.

You become more aware of your thoughts, the more enlightened you become as you realize every thought has an outcome.

I think our mission on this planet is to work through all our addictions and concer them EVERYDAY and either you get reborn if you don’t concor your addictions or those that do move forward when we die to the next level. What ever that may be?

The better you’re doing on the way to enlightenment, the brighter your future looks, the more your tested on stuff relevant to you.

Life will take you were you need to go and quite often its not where you want to go but life has its reasons and its normally to teach you stuff so just go with it and let it take you where you need to go.

When ever you make dessisions about addictions you know you’ll be tested on them so you have to stay strong. Maybe write it down every time your tested and say wether you stuck to your guns or not.

(I wrote all this after my stroke so if its a bit jumbled and short thats why)


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