Ok, I know it sounds crazy, but my life has improved so much since having the stroke!

It was a little bit tricky at first, for a few years, but after I started putting Turmeric in my smoothies to improve my memory and started to look at ways to make myself happy, it just got better and better. Now I KNOW that I can do what ever I set my mind to. And you will to if you listen to what I have to say and ACT on it 😉

I just want to share with as many people as possible, what I have learnt on my journey, in the hope that it will help other people.

EVERYTHING happens EXACTLY when it’s supposed to. Not when you want it to. So sit back, RELAX and know that whatever you want to happen, WILL happen. Unless it’s bad….then, probably not so much 😉

EVERYTHING is a lesson. You repeat your mistakes until you LEARN from them, and then you move on to the next one. It’s up to YOU how long it takes. The more you learn, the more ENLIGHTENED you become.

Let go of comparing, let go of judgement, competing, anger, regrets,worry, blame,guilt, fear, controlling, have a proper belly laugh EVERY day.
All change begins in your mind. There’s a creative force in EVERY human being that can make a vision, dream or desire a reality. Tap into the incredible of your subconscious mind.
17 seconds of pleasurable visualisation is more powerful than 2000 hours of working to obtain your goals.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton at Stanton university medical centre, it is your SUBCONSCIOUS that cast the deciding vote on how much success and abundance, happiness, health and freedom you experience in your life.
We operate 95-99% of our lives from subconscious programs.

Visualisation is pointless without action. For instance I’ve visualized writing this .

You become what you think about everyday, so start thinking bigger 🙂
Every great leader profit etc visualized what they wanted to do before they did it.
You have to do it everyday to get results.

KNOW this is your true self. You are what ever you want to be. You have to help other people too, so start with your family and your friends.
You help other people to be who they really want to be as well.
Visualise helping OTHER people .You CAN help them. BELIEVE you can, and you can. It’s that easy 😉

Big things come from small beginning’s, . If you know what you want and repeat it everyday while meditating you will get it. So, its just a thought in your mind, but if you tend to it and think about it every day and make actions towards getting it,then it will turn into something much bigger.
You can think of anything you want, so get thinking.

A trick the mind plays on us is that you have to HEAL yourself more before you can get what you want. Thats not true. Your able to do it now as long as you BELIEVE your ready. Its as simple as that.

I have discovered on my journey that there is no such thing as coincidences. EVERYTHING
happens for a reason. The more in the FLOW you are the more you realise that things happen EXACTLY when you NEED them.

EVERYONE you meet teaches you something, and you teach them something. Even if you can’t see it. So treat EVERYONE you meet day today with respect because their ALL teaching you something. There a mirror of you, of something in you.

All your hearts desires, love, money, dream job, it’s all possible, you just have to BELIEVE in yourself. You can think ANYTHING you want, so get thinking, and ENJOY it because, its a lot of fun when you get used to it.

Obviously as long as your thinking POSITIVE thoughts. If you think NEGATIVE thoughts they will come unstuck at some point and you will be not liking me if I didn’t put that bit in 😉

So….it’s important you choose your words and your thoughts wisely.
So think ‘I AM’ then if you want the perfect job then insert ‘an engineer’ or what ever it is you want to do, etc.
Without holding on to regrets and worry’s. 😉

You may have had an imaginary friend when you were little? Well, I think she/he wasn’t imaginary, it was your higher self before your CONDITIONING drove it out of you.
Basicly, theres you in your head and your higher self. Do you know the feeling when your thinking in your head and it feels like your talking to someone?
That’s your higher self. When you get used to it you will start to thank your higher self for giving you good, enlightened ideas 😉

Be thankful everyday, think positive thoughts. If negative then THINK about it some more and you’ll find out how to turn it positive.
It may take a bit of time at first, but be PATIENT, patients is a virtue.
EVERYDAY is a school day until we pass on to the next part of the journey 😉

Whats happening NOW is the worst it has ever been since history began and we’re on the verge of mass enlightenment, so you all have to be stronger than ever right NOW and rest assured it’s about to get a whole lot better in the next 5 years I think.

It’s all about WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IN YOUR HEAD, if you think about it often enough and forget about your worry’s and your stresses. Did you know that’s why so many people are fat? It’s the body producing cortisol because there stressed and cortisol makes you fat. So CHILL OUT, meditating and a good diet, I eat mostly organic food now. Delivered every week, so if I can YOU can 😉 helps you chill out and deal with life better.
There just tricks the subconscious mind plays on you, and it will stop you getting what you really want. So forget about ALL your worries.

It’s ok to have to have 1 drink if you’ve had a really bad day, but if you have more than 1 you lose perspective.
And 3 or 4 once a month but not more because thats where things start to go wrong. I would rather no one drinks really, but I like the odd drink myself. I just have the odd Jamesons whiskey now or a glass or 2 of wine 😉
I used to drink way to much, regularly and I had some fun, and got into more than one SERIOUS scrape too.

There’s always little hiccups along the way, but generally just TRUST that it will all be ok, and keep moving forward.

I think one of the reasons my life FLOWS so well now is that I say THANK YOU in my head, and out loud for stuff as it happens. Wether it’s something my higher self told me in my head, or thank you for an event, or something that happens on TV that gives me an idea.

Come back to this as often as you like, because it will add a new level each time you read it and move you ever forwards.

Its never too late to start again. EVERYDAY is a new day, so make the most of it and make it worthwhile 😉
The past is behind you. Don’t let the past rule YOUR future.
Meditate EVERYDAY, the benefits are endless.

If you practice gratitude you will improve your health. Believe me, I know 🙂

Don’t be GREEDY. Don’t forget to be thankful for what you have now, EVERYDAY. Thankful for the money you have, even if it is only a tenner. ( I only had a tenner on this day 🙂 Thankful for the roof over your head and the cloths on your back. If your thankful NOW your goals will come easier.
You LIVE longer if you THINK positive.
Remind yourself OFTEN of how far you’ve come.

The more you visualise everyday the more likely it is to happen.

While meditating, Clear your thoughts everyday. Forgive everyone one, everyday, not for them, for YOU, Just in your head, so you can move forward.

BLISS comes from meditating everyday.

Gravity. Your mind has a gravitational pull, if you picture what you want in your head, visualise it like you already have it, smell it, if it has a smell etc. If you do it a few times a week then you should get it.

When something angers you or you have negative thoughts about a situation, take a deep breath, in through your nose, out through your mouth, put your hand on your heart and say “I surrender and let go of all beliefs and feelings about” this issue.

It’s generally stuff from childhood, so if one parent left you in childhood say “ I surrender and let go of all these feelings and beliefs about abandonment”

So once you’ve found out what you need to let go of say it everyday until you FEEL its time to stop. It might take a few days or a few months. Everyone is different.
It shouldn’t take too long and you will start to have feelings of peace and happiness the more you do it.
It can take a few months but the rewards are liberating, and it clears all the issues at a very deep level.

And once you start meditating the fog will begin to lift and you’ll start to remember what you really came here to do.

I’ll tell you how I meditate in a bit, maybe it will help you.

Pay attention to the signals the UNIVERSE is sending you. It’s talking to you constantly.

Your going to think no matter what, so take some time to think about what you would like everyday by meditating. You can fix your health, your love life, EVERYTHING, once you start meditating. So start today 🙂

If you expect it to happen, often enough, then it will. If a mans says “I normally get 2 colds a year” then he WILL get 2 colds a year. Because he EXPECTS it. Simple as that.

There are 3 things, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Expectation is the most powerful thing in life. Worry is the opposite of expectation.
Expectation is the key to success so first VISUALISE what you want in your mind and then expect it.

If your doing NOTHING to get you where you want to go, then you will never get there.

1. Build the image in your mind
2. Believe
3. expect

Believe it’s coming and let go, let GOD, SOURCE, UNIVERSE. Which ever you prefer.


Ok, so I sometimes start with listening to a ‘Heart centre awakening’ by Christie Marie Sheldon from . It’s about 6 minutes long. Look it up, I can’t remember how I got it but if you look up meditation tracks I’m sure you will find it.
I then say (all in my head) “ I release and let go of the EGO” I say that 3 times. “ I forgive everyone in my family, one by one. etc.
Now, I didn’t think I had anything to forgive anyone for.
I THOUGHT I was fine with everyone. But, the first time I tried this, while meditating, I had a shock.
In my SUBCONSCIOUS mind when I got to a couple of people I found it harder to say, and I had to say it a few times until I had removed the BLOCK.
Now, of all the people I know, I knew these two people the least so you can imagine how shocked I was.

But after I had said it a few times I felt a massive release so it’s important to do this when you start meditating until you find your TRIGGERS. Start with family, then if that doesn’t work, try your friends.
Next I say “my right hand can clench and unclench (because I’ve had a stroke) with ease, just like it used to”. Etc.
I think its important to start with you. So if you have a health issue I would start with that.

Then I say I am making £50,500.89, (example) its good to have an exact figure apparently, a year. And, I imagine what my house in spain will look like, the cloths I’m wearing etc.

I imagine being in Goa and helping other people by paying the extra for organic brown rice and other organic foods for Shanti, where I hang out, so they will do more business. I imagine paying for them to have solar power and solar hot water etc.

Then, when I’m done I imagine a beam of light coming from my heart to my mum, sister, stepdad etc.
One for each person.
And I discovered, by mistake, that the more people you send this loving light too the brighter the light gets in your head. Mad eh? 😉
And then I say, “and so it is” and finish with, “and now I will go about my day happy and relaxed”.

To be honest, it’s different everyday, but this is just a few ideas to get you started.

Gratitude is one of the most POWERFUL things in the universe. It all starts with gratitude.
The more thankful you are for stuff the more things you will have, to be thankful for.
Be thankful RIGHT NOW, for me sharing that with you. You may not understand yet, but when you look back at how far you’ve come next year, or the year after that, then you will see why I said that 😉

Every time I start having negative THOUGHTS now I think “ CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL”, and think the positive opposite and think “I deserve to be loved, I deserve to have faith”.

Your ego will try to drag you back to negative thoughts, but be STRONG, the more you think or say “CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL” etc, the easier it will get. It might be a LIFELONG thought to have. I don’t know yet 🙂

The french way of life is, “Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from doing what ever you REALLY wan’t to do in life.”

Whatever life throughs at you, ENJOY it. Always look for the POSITIVE, even if its really negative.

If you enjoy every EXPIERIENCE than you will be able to TRUST that life will be full of LOVE 😉

You’ll find it, if you search your mind while meditating.

Ask your mind while meditating, say “ What can I do about this situation”? And state the situation.
I asked myself what I could do to get better and it said give up drinking and smoking, so I did and I

started to improve when doing my exercises straight away.
I say, in my head while meditating, “ I am fit and healthy” and I FEEL fitter and healthier already and it’s only been a few weeks 😉

The answers will SUPPRISE you, and it seems like they come from know where.
But thats your HIGHER SELF talking, so listen to the reply. It might not come straight away, but if your meditating everyday then your mind will be clear and it will notice when the time is right. So just TRUST.

The more you keep to ROUTINE, exercise, healthy meal, MEDITATION and any others you can think of, then you will defiantly be living more in the flow.

ALL climates are the same for LOVE so start meditating on LOVE. Go online and look up love meditations. do meditations with music DESIGNED to raise your VIBRATION 😉

Its about ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT that your alive. So if your watching a comedy or your child is telling you about their day then be fully IN that moment.
It’s all about RIGHT NOW, because that is all there ever is. Obviously you make plans for the future. But think BIG and do what makes you HAPPY.
Never take anything PERSONALLY. You don’t know the other persons ISSUES.

All the things you think are IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW, won’t be in the future. It will all become clear. Trust me 😉 I KNOW.

We all have to THINK for OURSELVES.

GOD says we have to LOVE our enemies. Holding onto bad feelings and hurt is like drinking a glass of poison and expecting the other person to die from it 🙂

Peter Andre uses visualisation.
“you are allowed to make one mistake, but don’t repeat it. Make a new one”. Peter Andre’s Dad.

Write a gratitude list that you can refer to morning or evening.
Thank you for today, thank you for your family, something you want to happen, cloths on your back,friends, for making me laugh. Etc. add as many as you like.

Sing everyday, even if its off key, use Facebook, like other peoples stuff, call some one for a chat, be trustworthy.
Facebook started me on this journey really.

We ALL have bad days (me today) that’s unavoidable. Pressurizing situations WILL occur, and throw you into a frenzy if you let it. It’s up to YOU to not let it 😉

In those situations, when you get thrown a curve ball, if you take 10 minutes to meditate and try and find a solution if you can. If not at least you will be able to think more clearly about it.
If your meditating everyday then it won’t be so easy to throw you off track.

If you think you can, then you can. And NEVER criticise, complain or condemn.

Tell yourself everyday, “good job today, you done well”. EVEN if you felt like you had a bad day. It’s important to tell yourself that everyday.

Break down your goals into more manageable chunks and make a point of congratulating your self when you complete one, treat yourself, and you will experience a dopamine rush. Take pride in EVERYTHING you do.

It’s ok not to know where we are going or what to do next sometimes. Just have faith, our imperfections make us who we are.

You can follow someone else, or you can take your own path. The latter will have more bumps and bruises, but you will live a more successful and happy life over all.
Have unshakeable faith in everything you do. And if it doesn’t work out then you learnt a valuable lesson. Be thankful for that lesson.

In writing this, it’s my imperfections that make it possible to write this, if you know what I mean?
No one is perfect.

If, for instances, your meditating and you had an argument with your child and you can’t meditate properly, in your meditation, see yourself arguing with said child then move the screen to the left and now see yourself getting on and laughing with your child and then you should be able to meditate again because the image of you arguing has been replaced with you getting on with your child.

If your imagining a new car, think about the type of car, the feeling of the fluffy steering wheel cover, the chrome dash etc, and it will appear, and your creating a feed back loop. The more things you imagine, the more things will appear and it gets better and better, and the image becomes clearer and clearer.
Imagine the emotion too, before you know it you’ll have clearer images of what ever you imagine.

I think the chat you have inside your head while meditating and in general is the most important thing, maybe in the universe. When you get used to it you will enjoy it because you’ll see how far it gets you.

A lot of the ideas I have for this come to me while I’m trying to go to sleep (like now) and I have to sit up and write them down in my phone. It’s 1.25am right now.

I said in my last course that the news on TV is DESIGNED to keep you on a low vibration. If you don’t believe me then turn it off for a few weeks (and adverts) and notice how much happier you are.
Keep a diary, before and after.

ALWAYS go with your intuition, and stick with it after you’ve had the initial thought.
Think back to your last intuitive thought and say it out loud “ I felt …………………..” and say wether you listened or wether you ignored it. The more you do this exercise the more your intuition will work for you and you will notice it more and more.
Your intuition is trying to HELP you.
If you ignored your intuition then say, “ I ignored it and ………..”.
It’s subtle at first. It’s like the stars at night, the more you look, the more you see.

Bring to mind the times your not certain, or feel insecure, what to do, where to go, etc. Feel it, breathe deep, in through the nose, tongue on roof of mouth, while feeling it, exhale all the way until you can’t exhale anymore and that’s where your intuition is. And you’ll breathe deep in again through your nose, exhale through your mouth always, with a small opening, completely exhale again, and on the third exhale say “ahhhhhh” as you breathe out from the centre of your heart. (heart centre awakening, go look it up online) with that you’ll see an energy that begins with the heart and allow it to travel throughout your body and into the UNIVERSE.
Ask yourself what you really want, while meditating, with hand on heart, then ask yourself what you have to do to get it. Say it out loud for best results. When it comes to you, STICK to it.
You can do this for all your problems 😉

Your intuition is SO important, and the mind is there to back it up, not the other way round, as we’ve been led to believe.

Congratulate yourself EVERY day for a job well done, what ever you did, or for something you did recently.

While meditating say in your head, say “ I have” what ever you would like. Repeat it often, it can be as often as you like. The more the better.
Your brain drives your soul to get more of what you have.

Come back to this as often as you like. I know I’ve said this , but thats the key to this really.

Difficult things from the past are actually setting you up for abundance.

I highly recommend and and, follow them on Facebook, it was the start of my journey after I started

You should give at least 1% of your earnings to charity to keep the money flowing and not let it go stagnant. That’s VERY important. Pick a charity close to your heart.

Trust in EVERYTHING you do. Even if you make a mistake. Don’t WORRY about it. You were meant to make it so you could learn from it.

C’est la vie.
Such is life.

You can also just put on some music and listen to it while meditating, like om harmonics. You don’t have to visualise your future everyday. The most important thing is that you meditate EVERYDAY to get the best results.

I think basicly it’s about the chats you have with yourself when your meditating, completely relaxed and at piece with yourself. You make the best decisions when you are relaxed and at piece. That’s why it is so important to meditate everyday. Unless of course you like making rash decisions that you regret later 😉
The decisions you make while meditating will stick with you throughout the day if your meditating everyday, because you have reprogrammed your subconscious mind. And if you come across a hard decision in the day and you can’t find a solution, then find 10 minutes to meditate on it and the answer will come.

I wrote a lot of this straight after meditating, because that’s when it came to me.

When ever your having a bad day, read this through, until you get to the bit that’s most relevant to you. I’m SURE it will help 🙂

If you ACTUALLY do the things I have mentioned here, your life will be better. You don’t have to do it all at once. Take your own time. EVERYONE is different.

Think BIG. How can YOU make this wonderful world better for other people and yourself?
I put it that way round because if your helping other people then your life will be better. In ways unclear to you and me right now.

I have found that when you go through relaxing your whole body first by saying in your head, ‘ my top of my head is relaxed, my pineal gland is relaxed, my eyes,my mouth,my chin, (keeping saying ‘my’ and ‘ is relaxed’ for each one) my neck,shoulders, arms,hands,chest,back,stomach,hips,groin,legs,feet, and out and away’.
Then FORGIVE someone, you may have had a harsh argument with someone. I did. And it turned into the most powerful meditation I have EVER had. It’s hard to explain it even now after it just happening.
Ok, so when you breathe in through the centre of your HEART it kinda speeds up the meditation, is the best way I can put it. Do as often as you remember, because you will forget.
The UNIVERSE is waiting for you to talk to it and ask it for stuff. Surrender to the universe will EVERY day. Be the MIRICLE. Your eyes might feel like their twitching, I don’t know if they are.. it’s a whole other world when you get it right.

After the argument with my friend, about 3 am, I told myself, ‘ I LOVE myself’, and that felt RIGHT.
When I had my breakthrough meditation I was listening to Shpongle Remixed, a track that said, ‘ you can take this huge universe and put it inside a very tiny head’ and repeats through out the song. Thats basicly IT in a nut shell 😉

Don’t WORRY if you have to pick your nose, or scratch your ear. You can do all those things. Just do what comes NATURALY you LOVELY PEOPLE <3)

And it gets easier every time to RELAX so you can meditate ANYWHERE for 5 minutes, when you get used to it ❤
keep your tongue lightly on the roof of your mouth, it kinda speeds up the process, I think 😉 I’m writing this, and meditating a few minutes and writing more as I learn it and then meditate some more, then write some more. Strange but TRUE.

Forgiveness is the key to meditation. When you forgive you become unfuckwithable. When your truly at piece and in touch with yourself, nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you.
I let go and release of all feelings that don’t serve my higher self.

The six stages of meditation are:
future dreaming
Imagine a beam of light coming down and supporting your dreams. You have to be happy right now and have a vision of what you want from your life to be like in the future. Meditation makes you happier.
Think everyday, I am enough. Your mind believes what you tell it. Stand up, put your arm out in front of you and swing it round behind your back. Now this time tell your mind that it will go1/3 further. Now do it again.

The major cause of depression is harsh words you tell yourself everyday.
If you want to be thiner, tell your brain “ I love salad, I love eating healthy foods” etc. repeat it every time your going shopping so you buy the right kind of food. You have to tell your brain what you want often, so tell it good stuff.
If your scared of flying tell your brain “ I love flying” repeat over and over while walking onto the plane. Every negative thought, turn it into a positive one in your head. This will change your life over time.

What you think about EVERYDAY becomes your reality. So if you think I am poor everyday, then you will remain poor everyday. If you think money comes to me easerly everyday, then thats what you will create.

Your mind is like a magnet and you attract what what you think about, so start thinking big and thinking you have lots of money. Thats the law of the universe.
Speak like it is already there and TRUST, hold onto the vision, even when it seems like its not going to happen. It can’t work for you if you don’t think it will.

Nelson Mandela said “ the man who went to prison wasn’t the man who became president”. That transformation came one thought at a time.

This is the beginning of your journey, not the end 😉

Write it down. This is very IMPORTANT. Write a list of what you want to happen in your life. Write it like you already have it. I wrote a list and called it “ The Law of Attraction”. And said I was thankful for all the things on my list. Look at it a few times a week. Pin pictures of what you want up where you can see it often. I have photos of Goa on my computer as a screen saver.
Don’t just try it, you have to be committed or it won’t work. It may take a while so be strong.

God, universe, source, what ever you want to call it, has always been helping me, but I only recently realized it.
While watching a film about Queen Victoria and Sir Walter Raleigh and she said, “God made me il”, and I realized the universe made me ill so I could find my connection to it and then write this. Mad eh?
It’s also telling me to give up smoking cigarettes, so I will by new year. It’s the 17th of December 2015 now, so not long to go.
I will still smoke weed in a pipe though 😉 that is alright as it grows naturally all over the world. I think it is ok to eat a bit of meat now and then as long as it is organic. And I eat only organic veg. I just received my first box of organic veg yesterday and I was inexplainably happy 🙂

In a lot of films they talk about God, listen, there all trying to tell you something.
When you meditate your talking to God, source, universe, your higher self. Your talking to it with every thought you have 😉 so talk and think nice thoughts. I’m listening to my higher self while I’m writing my courses. It doesn’t come from me, it comes through me.
There’s no right or wrong way to do it. I’m watching films while writing this. I watch a bit then write some more as it comes to me. It’s the same what ever you do. Listen and you will no what to do.

Treat everyone you meet in life with respect, even if they don’t treat you with respect. You don’t know their full story. I have been waiting 4 ½ years for my correct PIP money, but when I phoned today I still spoke to the lady with respect because it’s not her fault. I will get the money when the time is right 😉

Monday 25th January 2016

Ok, today I want to say that my meditating has improved, I listen to the FREE track from every morning. I look up to were I can see an imaginary light coming down from above, into the top of my head. And picture it coming down my spine down and out my feet into the centre of the earth and then I say, in my head, ‘ I am thankful for, ‘ my day, family, friends etc. At least 5 a day. Then Imagine what I want my life to be like in 3 or 5 years for at least 17 seconds. (Thats how long your supposed to think about it everyday). Then I send light to the areas where I feel tense or weird. ( That came from an online meditation I did with Christie Marie Sheldon from where she released blocks to do with abundance that I had from childhood. We all have them, or the majority of people). Then I say, I am fit and healthy and my right hand clenches and unclenches with ease. ( I can clench it when I really think about it but I can’t unclench it again, unless I’m yawning. Go figure). I am wealthy, I am enough. And repeat until the music has finished and say ‘and so it is” and go about my day with ease.
I still change it a bit everyday because I can’t remember if I did it same yesterday. Thats the stroke and its ok.

Everything I have written here comes from months of studying this at and you can check it out for yourself’s if you like. In fact I encourage you to, it will DEFFINATLY improve your life.
If you like what I have written about here and would like to give me some money towards the Stem cell treatment, go to RICHIE’S STEM CELL FUND on FACEBOOK or go to “ MY BRILLIANT E-COURSE’ at the top of this page and you’ll get for FREE ‘ 9 things that will make you happier’. ( They really work). You can pay £1 or £500, its entirely up-to you, every penny counts 🙂

27th january 2016

I am going to go to Bali this year to see my friends Sam and Heston. Sam’s been learning about the law of attraction too so maybe we can swap ideas. While I’m there I’m going to learn about Solar power and then take what I have learned back to India and put it to good use. I want to be the man to go to in India for solar power. My friend Heston runs a solar power company in Bali and he will be the leading Solar power company in Bali in the next 5 years.
I also met a taxi driver from Afghanistan the other day and was chatting to him about my solar plans and he used to do solar back in Afghanistan 10 years ago and he said we could do some business, so you see how everything is connected? I didn’t have enough money for the taxi and he was the 5th person I asked. EVERYTHING happens for a reason, its up to YOU to see it and be THANKFUL for it and ACT on it.

Ok, good luck and be HAPPY 🙂

Don’t worry when your visions of the future change, there just evolving and changing with you, thats normal. Embrace change 😉

From my experience, when you get good at it you can influence your reality with JUST your thoughts.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, there all trying to guide you. If you drink a lot, or even regularly your real thoughts and feelings will get distorted and you won’t be able to read them properly I think.

In case your wondering, I just write this down as it comes to me, so sorry if it’s a bit jumbled 🙂

Meditating is like de-fragging for your computer, you just have to do it everyday to get the best results.


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