24th March 2021

Q said symbolism will be their downfall and Epstien Island and the House of Windsor have the symbolism of transhumanism and I suggest that Megan Markle is a bit of both if you know what I mean?

Maybe it was the downfall of the royal family…….

Princess Diana’s grave is in the shape of a Q. John F Kennedy’s Grave is in the shape of a Q and his son. Michael Jackson’s grave is in the shape of a Q. I suggest that they are all alive and on the Q team, but time will tell.

I get some intel sent to me on a regular basis that suggests those things to be true.

We have been in lockdown now for about a year and forced to wear masks when we go shopping although the “virus” is much smaller than the masks that are supposed to stop it, so it’s completly poinless and we are suppossed to keep six feet apart for social distancing but really they have us, the whole world, performing a satanic ritual but no one seems to know about it and it’s really frustrating to go to the shops and see all the people in masks.

I have not worn a mask once and never will. I bought something off the internet that says I’m exempt and you don’t actually have to wear a mask and they can’t ask you why by law but most people don’t know that because no body tells you that 😦 there was a march in London last weekend of 1000’s of people shouting one word “FREEDOM” and Manchester and all around the world in almost every country because we have all had enough.

The whole covid thing is a scam to shut down the worlds econemy for The Great Reset where you will own nothing and be happy hahaha fortunatly Trump and the Alliance have a counter plan to go to a gold backed currency around the world. We have been on a fiat based currency since before I was born, 45 years ago, but now we are going back to a gold backed currency and all country’s who signed up, 209 country’s I think, will be on a leval playing feild from the get go horah

We will revalue first, RV, and then a Global Currency Reset, GCR, just after where all 209 countries will be backed by gold. There will be massive amounts of money for humanitarian projects, I will have something to do with that and that’s why I get the emails, and basicly it will be the end of the Deep State, Iluminati, Cabal, what ever you want to call them because they make all their money by laundering it and you can’t do that with the new Quantum Financial System, QFS.

Back to the scamdemic quickly, I don’t like even talking about it because it’s such a scam but there’s things you all need to know, so here goes…..

Dr Fauci, the american Doctor who originaly shut the whole world down, did a study of the flu that killed loads of people in the early 1900’s in 1995 discovered that more people died of broncial pnemonia than died from the flu because of what??? you’re going to love this…..wearing masks……you can’t make this shit up 😦

Because they where wearing a mask you recycle the air your breathing which is really bad for you. So basicly it’s mass, world wide genocide but they are claming that everyone is dying from covid.


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