9th Feb 2022


Since I expressed my new love on here I have had to block a 20 year old on facebook messenger for asking if I’m horny and if she can facetime me, and I had an email from someone called Susan saying this is my email. I messaged back saying, ok, but who are you please? And she replied saying, I’m a horny housewife and you can go to this site and see my pictures. So I messaged back saying, sorry, not interested. And she messaged me back saying, have you got a photo, so I just deleted the message with no reply. She hasn’t messaged me back so that’s good. Now, I never had people like that normaly, except once before a few years ago, so I think the devil is testing me. And I know the devil is real because of the horrible things people do to children, and it’s far more wide spread, and global, than you can possibly imagine.

I not sure if my girl feels the same way or not and that’s ok. If she dosen’t then that’s ok to. But I’m going to stand by what I said here. I hope the devil gets the message hehe.

I heard that the RV may happen today so we will have to wait and see. I follow coffee with Markz on youtube every day and he does the news every day about the RV, and I know we are close and money is moving. I’m in the internet group, which is 4b, and people in 1, 2, 3 have got access to some of there funds already, which will be paid in fiat dollars until we in 4b go, and then it will be backed by gold and the others will get the rest of there money, gold backed. It’s really exciting that we are so close. As soon as it happens all covid restrictions will be lifted and I will get my visa for india. 5 year visa this time. Maybe a bussiness visa, we will have to wait and see. I want to invest in a couple of things in India, one is a gust house, organic farm and meditation retreat and the other is homes for the poor made in Germany, which can be built in a few weeand I will be spending a lot of time there because I love the place. Maybe with my new girl, or maybe south Goa, we will have to wait and see. I hope it’s the first option hehe.


Just in, no RV today 😦

Basicly we are waiting on the central bank of Iraq to go. When this happens all credit cards around the world will be canceled, we will go back to 1950’s prices, all morgages will go away because it’s all illegal. (I missed an e in guest house and it won’t let me change it now hehe technophobe)


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