19 th March 2022


Putin came on Russian TV this past week and said, The new world order has been defeated. (I’m power phrasing, but you get the idea) So, I think we’re going to have the RV soon. Putin and Trump are going on Truth Social tonight at 9 pm, (Trumps new social media platfom, which I have on Telegram, so I can only imagine what they will say, maybe they will leave it up, I don’t know, but I bet it will be good……………I will be fast asleep by then because it’s early morning in the UK then. I’m not botherd, I know we are on track….military planning at it’s finest, and they have had this planned for years, maybe 20 or more. I will just continue to wait patiently because I know it’s in God, spirit, universe’s timing. (what ever you want to call it)

We are spirtual beings, having a human expirience. I read a book when I was a teenager called, Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly how they are, by Bob Frissel, and I understood alot of that from this book. Do what you love and help other people without expecting anything in return and the universe will provide everything to lead a comfortable life with abundance. Manifestation is real, just look at my life, I only asked for 3 things in the last 10 years and thier all about to come true, my perfect health, super wealthy, and my perfect girlfriend. And the longer it takes, without you doubting it, the more of it you will have. And my perfect girlfriend is by far my greatest achievment, but it wouldn’t be much good without my health and wealth to treat her with, would it? hehehe And I’m going to get it all within one month, my wealth and health on the same day (there will be a medbed at the military base where I exchange, apparently) And my perfect girlfriend, how ever long it takes to get a visa, fly to Goa, do a few things there, and off to see my new love. (getting a bit of a tan before I see her cus I’m as white as a ghost hehe) I can’t wait…….we’re so close, I can feel it. WHOOP WHOOP


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