I’ve got a shpongle trak were it say’s, “Nothing is wrong, everything is on track” and I think it’s Terrance Mckenna who say’s, I really beleive that” and I believe it also, everything is on track, we are about to find out about the rampant child trafficking, it’s over taken drugs, and is a trillion dollar a year thing, using things like Bitcoin. Most people will have a hard time with that one, apart from the people that have been reserching this for the last 3 or so years, after Q (www.Qagg.news) came on the scence. They are called ‘Anons’ anonoumos (I butcherd that haha) who do the reserch dropped by Q, called crumbs, and they make the bread……..the full story, so to speak. I don’t consider myself an anon. 1. because you all know my name hahaha. And 2. I don’t even know how to do proper reserch hehehehe……. And then we are going to have NESARA/GESARA and trillions of pounds for humanitarian projects, release of medbeds and a lot of other, supressed healing technology’s, anti-gravity, flying cars etc


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