21 th April 2022


So I watched something last year with negative 48 and 3 others, I can’t remember their names, and he said that JFK, Trump, Mike Flynn, Abraham Lincon and maybe some others have the bloodline of Christ, AB- I think it was. Now, JFKjr didn’t die in 1999 as was reported due to a plane accident and he is apparently part of the Alliance working to take down the child trafficking and widespread global corruption that involves child trafficking, money laundering etc. We will have to wait and see, but it will be intersting for some if true. I’ve not read the bible and have no interest really because I know a lot of it was left out, all the important bits hehe and a lot of it was changed. But for christians, which I am technicaly, but don’t go to church, nature is my church hehe It will be ineresting if this is true about JFK jr, Trump etc. He also said that JFK was still alive, or maybe he died last year at the age of 104, and that it was a body double that got assinated. And I heard somewhere that when his wife identified the body she said that’s not him. His wife is/was still alive until recently to apparantly. But again, we will have to wait and see when disclosure happens, what’s true and what’s not, but it is coming soon.

If you haven’t already guessed I’m not very serious because life is to short and you have to have a laugh as often as possible in my opinion. Especialy after a stroke, you have to take the piss out of you’reself otherwise you will just crawl up in a ball and bang on about how hard life is everyday, and proberly cry a lot hehe I’m not that type of person at all. I’m always optermistic and filled with hope and always make the best out of any situation. When I had my stroke and couldn’t use my right hand I still drove with a ball on the steering wheel and an automatic car. I just adapt and over come.

I saw a girl in the woods today with her phone out in front of her while walking and was totaly engrosed with her phone and not looking at the senery, the bluebells, ( I’m going to take my phone tomorrow so I can take a picture of the bluebells and send it to my girl, but I normaly leave my phone at home) or the sounds of all the birds singing, or the bubbling river right next to her, just fixated on her phone. She had a dog with her so at least she was exercing him haha. I thought that getting out in nature was so you could enjoy those things, but maybe I’m in the wrong hehe.


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