4 th May 2022


My girl sent me a picture of her in Thailand last week with a mask hanging around her chin and she looked very cute………… I don’t wear a mask and never will because the science dosn’t match the narrative they are trying to push. It’s like expecting a chain link fence from protecting you from a fart hehehe It’s never gonna happen……. The “virus” is at least 1000 times smaller than the mask that’s spose to protect you.

I also have a thing that goes round my neck saying mask exempt and I signed up-to a non vax control group as a safety-net so I don’t get any hassel haha

And apparently I was right because it just came out that the death jabb is over 11,000 times more likely to suffer a stroke, and I’ve already had one of those so I’m not to keen about having another one haha

I’m getting a bit tired of waiting for this, I would like to go to my appointment, get in a medbed and start the rest of my life with my girl by my side whoop whoop

But I know it’s such a massive thing, and when it happens it will change the world overnight so I’m happy to wait a bit longer hahaha

One last thing……..May the 4th be with you hehehehe


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