5 th May 2022


So, I haven’t had much to say recently but I got inspired again today on my walk in the woods by the river so here goes………

Over the course of my blog I have given you everything that’s in my course so you don’t even need to give me a donation anymore hehehe though http://www.zen12.com is much better for the meditations as they give you a whole years worth with binural beats and you go up a level every month so well worth it and you even get a free sample month these days so you can see if you like it 🙂

But one of the most important ones, in my opinion, is, “I am enough”. I didn’t know how important it was but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I’ve had a stroke, every day is differcult, I can’t use my right hand and walk slow with a stick, so it must really work.

I used to drink a lot when I wasn’t working so I used to sound more confident than I was. I was actualy quite shy and didn’t talk loads, more of a listener. But these days I don’t drink much but I’m way more confident and say what I think and don’t mind if they, people in general, like me or not. And because of that I now have my girl because she read my blog and liked it and I was just being 100% real. I’m nearly wealthy and I’m definatly enough now and I only asked for 3 things. We are much more powerful than the governments would have us believe and we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to if we believe we can.

That, and organic fruit and veg, because we are what we eat, and it dosn’t take long to cook when your cooking fresh every day. My smoothies every morning with banana, apple, blueberries, cacao powder, (cacao is a super food with so may good things, like opening up your pineal gland, zinc, which is the cure for covid according to http://www.x22report.com, my sis recently had covid so I went shopping for her and bought some cacao powder from the health food shop and she was feeling much better in just a few days, so I know it works) flax seeds, aloe vera juice. It really is a good breakfast, tasty too. I only put one heaped tablespoon of cacao, you have a cup with the aloe vera and a heaped tablespoon of flax seed.


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