So, today I got inspired by my girl/woman to write this after texting her this morning, and after it marinated in my head while on my daily walk in the woods, so here goes…….

I texted my love a video of when the twin Towers got “hit by planes” on September 11th 2001, only there was no planes, it was just explosions, because there was never any planes, when one of the plane’s hit, the nose of the plane came out the other side haha I bet someone got in shit in the editing detpartment for that one hehehehe, they were holigrams and every news outlet would of known there were no planes me thinks, so they are all complicit in the crime. George Bush senior was executed for his role in planning it, and that will come out later. George Bush junior grassed EVERYONE up, hoping to avoid the death penalty. Most likely made a deal.

The Saudi’s were involved too. It had nothing to do with Bin Ladin, who was a CIA agent called Tim Osmund I think, and we went in to Afganistan so the military of the US could protect the poppy fields because that’s one of the biggest money makers for the CIA, opium. Now Afganistan is finaly free from the CIA, and have stopped all poppy production and made all drugs ilegal. Don’t believe ANYTHING you see on the MSM (MainStream Media) because I just found out that ALL media, around the world was bought by the Rothchilds, Rockerfellas, JP Morgan etc many years ago, like before I was even born I think. So EVERY news outlet around the world, all get given the same script and there’s even proof of it were there are loads of different news stations on one screen and they are all saying EXACTLY the same thing, so it ain’t no conspiracy theroy. hahaha

On another topic completly, because I would rather talk about nature than this BS hehehe There are more bluebells than I have ever seen this year and I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t noticed them as much before or something else, but I feel like I want to say that maybe it’s because most of the children have been rescued from the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) that are all over the world, over 180 in the USA alone, and the bluebells know, because everything is connected, and they are growing more now as we move in to a new age of enlightenment. Now, if you didn’t think I was mad already, then you proberly do now hahahaha But I don’t really care hehehe

Cann woods, where I was today joins up with Plymbridge woods eventualy and most of the time I don’t see anyone else there, apart from the last bit, walking back upto where I park the car. Mostly a few dog walker’s that work for the cat and dogs home right next to the woods, called, wait for it ………………Woodside hehehe the car park always has at least 6 -8 cars in there, and on the weekends it’s full and difficult to park, despite it being a massive car park.

I see a lot of people in Plymbridge woods, and that has a smaller car park, and I never know if my bench that overlooks the river will be free, although it is most of the time, thank fuck, hehe, I do have a back over the bridge, where I can drink my coffee if my usual spot is taken, but that’s a purpose cut log and more in the way than the other bench. I sent a video of my bench and the bridge to my woman a few weeks ago.


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