Ok, so I had a nap at 11am hehehe Couldn’t keep my eyes open. After saying I’m trying not to text my girl so much, I texted her 100 times the next day hahahaha (I’m exagerating but you get the idea haha)

I tried going into Santander today to ask when the QFS (Quantum Financial System) was coming online and she didn’t know anything about it. I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was very busy. I told her that the manager would know, and she said that she didn’t, I told her that she had proberly (the manager) had to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and she looked at me blankly………..I thought bankers were spose to be smart, but she looked dumb as a box of rocks hehehe Oh well, couldn’t do anything about extending my overdraft so when I got home I phoned Halifax and ordered a new credit card, because I’ve reached my overdraft limit this month and couldn’t convince her that I had zim worth millions, and when the new QFS came online I would be cashing it in, so I had to go to my backup plan and order a new credit card, because I have some money on that, just no physical card haha It will be with me within a few days and that will see me through to payday 🙂

All that, and a cofee and walk in the woods, went to the health centre and booked my yearly blood test, and home by 11am, asleep by 20 past haha I’m on fire today 😉


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