I have to keep stopping the film I’m watching as I think of more stuff to write haha

I’m gussing HRC (Hillary) The Rothchilds etc are all arrested and in GITMO, or equivelant by now, or executed, else I wouldn’t be writing this on the net hehe

I believe we are wating a movie right now, and many truthers on the internet think the same, including http://www.charlieward.tv Tarot by Janine on YouTube, Simon Parks, and many others that I can’t think of right now haha, to wake everyone up slowly from all the lies that we have been told are whole lives, else most people would have a nervous break down if they just dropped it on them………and I just noticed that I’m waking up however many of you are reading my blog, although I’m a bit blunt, because of my stroke maybe, and all over the place, but my girl liked it, and encoraged me to write more, so there must be a few scattered around that like my style hehe


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