I’ve been watching the series Vikings on Amazon and I realised that no matter what religion you are, all of them teach you that God is out their somewhere, but in fact he is inside each and everyone of us. I believe that’s deliberate so we can’t connect with God. And it teaches us that it’s really hard to connect with God and you have to go on pilgrimeges and stuff when infact all you have to do is be still and quite for 10, 20, 30 mins etc however long you like, on a daily basis for best results, say you’re thank you’s and sit in silence for a while and you’re whole life will change over time. That’s just my humble opinion of course, but it makes sense to me.

My girls dog is called Flokie, after a character in Vikings so that’s why I’m watching it hehehe

It’s quite violent and there was a human sacrifice to Odin yesterday, but it’s quite good so far. I think the thing I like the most is I don’t have to leave the sofa for hours at a time if I don’t want too hehehe I’ve got me mixed nuts and freshly squeexed lemon juice, heaven……… hahaha

I think it’s cool that he was the first one to sail west and defeat a king in England, and he’s known all over Viking land because of it.

On a nother note, the guy I have been trying to wake up, that my girl knows, has thrown countless insults at me and just been really dissrespectful in general on a regular basis, despite me always being polite to him, I have lauged at him with a smily face with tears a few times, but nothing like what he does to me. I was going to share some of my blessings with him, but I don’t think I will now because he has been real nasty to me hehe I don’t mind though, there’s plenty of other friend’s I’m going to share my blessings with. It’s just a shame for him really. I did tell him about the zim a few years ago, and said I would share some with him. Maybe he forgot, or didn’t believe me, but it’s his loss, not mine.


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