They have been poisioning are food for decades with GMO’s and chemicals they spray on them. That’s why I eat organic as much as I can, ever since my stroke, which was caused by a pain killer, I started taking more notice of what I was puting in my body. And the chemtrails that they are spraying in our skys. But some people are saying that it’s good stuff now, like Hydroxychloroquine, which cures covid, and other things to start healing some of the damage that has been done for years. Again, we will have to wait and see if that’s true. I imagine we will be told at some point if true. The pharmaceutical drugs we put in our bodys. Did you know that doctors aren’t allowed, by law, to speak about good diet, organic fruit and veg etc all because of the Rockerfeller’s family, made it ilegal. And they run ourschool systems, worldwide. But that’s a whole other story. hehe

But that’s all going to change with the new QES (Quantum Educational System) which will all come online when Mr C puts the codes in I believe.


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