I bet all you dog lovers are now wondering if my girl is going to bring her dog, Flokie? As a dog lover myself, I can tell you that she is. He will follow in a month or two, or so I understand.

I just put all this togeather, about the world situation, in my own mind. With the help of Q, http://www.Qagg.news , and http://www.x22report.com and a little bit of research, and I seem to have an un-canny way of putting it altogeather in my mind and making sense of it all. I don’t know why that is……………….. I listened to Q twice a day, same drops, once in the evening on the Matrixxx grove show with Matrixxx and Shady Groove, and then the next day on x22 report, so I had it drummed into me, which was good because of my short term memory problems haha

The Matrixxx Grove show used to be on YouTube, but it got taken off, banned, way before lockdown in 2020. X22Report got banned from YouTube too. I guess they don’t like truth tellers hehe

I was watching Tom numbers and Megan Rose on YouTube and got inspired to write this, because they were saying how they got into the truther movement. It’s a good one if anyone is interested.

Ohhhh, I keep forgetting to say that Q came back and started posting on the 24th I think it was, after not posting for about 18 months. So that’s got the whole truther community buzzing because we must be really near the end of this movie by now me thinks hehe

He said it had to be this way. Meaning Biden taking office so we could see how bad he was. Now, we all know that the real Biden has been delt with, but most people don’t know this, and have to be wakened from there slumber, different people wake up at different times. But now the econemey is totally bust as well, that should wake up the rest of the sleepers hehe

Trump was energy independant when “Biden” took office, and one of the first things he did was turn off the oil pipeline.


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