Along with the coming solar flash we are expiriencing asscension symptoms, like suddenly breaking out in sweats, happens to me a lot in the last few years, lethargy, again, some times I can walk for 45 mins in the woods, other days it’s really hard to go half that distance, I still go, but on a much shorter walk, about 20 mins. Re-ocurring pain, which I have had for about 3 years now, but I have been pain free for about 3 months now so I think that bit might be over, thank God hehe. We are all going through it, some are aware of it, some aren’t. I think if you’re a truther, like me, you are more aware because of the stuff you’ve learnt and read etc.

According to James Gilliland from ECETI (you can find him on Rumble under that name and ECETI, and As you wish talk radio, I think) there are massive sun spots on the sun right now which will lead to solar flares, and there are ships the size of earth and they expand and soak up the solar flares so that it’s not too much for us, because a big solar flare would knock out everything electical, like cash machines etc. There was one in the 1800’s that took down the telegraphes etc. Apparantly there are many ET’s that have come here at this time to witness our assenssion as it has never happened before and they are all cheering us on, and soon we will get to meet some of them. David Bowie did a song about it, saying they would like to meet us but they think that they would blow are minds hehe I’m power phrasing, but you get the idea.

James has a ranch in the USA, and recently bought one in Hawai where they get loads of ET ships flying over all the time, and come in and out of the mountain their, I think it’s called MT Shasta, but I can’t remember. He’s had that ranch for 30 something years and it’s open to the public and he does all sorts of couses there, self mastery and many others. He comunicates with them too, you should check it out if you’re in to that kind of stuff.


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