I heard some good ones for throwing your guts up the other day, like street pizza and technicolor yawn hehe

I just want to say to my girl, if she’s still reading this and hasn’t got board of my drivel, that to please make relevant preparations to have your pussy licked, like pretending to be impressed and in awe hehe she will proberly be telling me what to do as I haven’t been anywhere near a pussy for a long time haha

But, seriously, I can’t wait to go on adventures with you, and I’ve got a few in mind, and a little bit of sexy time now and then wouldn’t go a miss either hehe

I haven’t had sex for a long time, if anyone can tell……..

Not much else to report really. Still waiting on the first arrest that will shock the world, according to Q.

But when that happens, us currency holders get paid while the rest of the world gets an emergeny broadcast about treason an crimes against children, executions of the people who commited treason and the really bad pedos.

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