So today I had my 2 pints of ale at the Moorland Hotel…….

Mr C said that the chinese Elder who is behind the new Quantum Financial System (QFS)who died last year I think, Mr C just found out. One of the rules about when this happens, there will be perp walks of all the pedos and treason crimes etc.

His grandson has taken over this role now, he has a lot of clout in the world me thinks hehe

Imael Perez is on fire, talking about everything after the Solar flash, including developing telepathic powers, free energy, peace on Earth for a 1000 years, as is in the Bible, and money for all, all though I think this comes with the RV, which is any day now, in my humble opinion.

He also talked about what we can do now to prepare. I think it’s going to be in March/April 2024 from my research, although I could be wrong hehe

Things like eating organic, raw food. Now I’ve been eating organic food for years, on benefits, (Universal credit) you may have to have something the same for 2 or 3 nights, but it’s organic so hey…….

Getting out in nature on a daily basis, walking etc, meditating, Imagining how you want the world to be, helping other people, not get caught up in the moment, no matter what it is, just let it go……….


But I brought oranges, spinach, baby tomatoes, canned tuna, eggs (boiled),basil, coriander, parsley, and I’m going to grate the orange peel (organic everything) over the bed of spinach, orange slices, tuna, egg, baby tomatoes, basil, coriander, and parsley, with some balsamic vinegar and organic olive oil………bliss……….

I’ve had stuff like this before a few times….

Apparantly, grated orange skin is really good for you, and lemon skin, it helps with anti-virus and many other things that I forget.


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