Update on the raw food diet……………..it makes your farts really stinky hahahaha

If you complain about things a lot of the time then you will have more things to complain about. Not me, that’s the laws of the universe hehe

But, seriously though, complaining about stuff is pointless and a complete waste of time if you ask me. If you don’t like something, then change it. If you can’t change it then don’t even worry about it and think about the things you can change. Basicly life is like a box of chocolates and I don’t even know what the fuck I’m typing about, I just wanted to type, “life is like a box of chocolates”, so I did, but have no idea what came next, I just know it was pedo boy who said it.

Speaking of Tom Hanx, that’s how he wrote it, I can’t even watch films with him in anymore, which is a shame because he done some good ones. When I found out that he was the one to go to for the party substance and was way worse than the other pedos, I can’t watch anything with him in now 😦

Saying that though, Kevin Spacey is a real wrongun too, apparantly…….

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