I think the scare event that Q predicted is coming soon, and when it does we go to our appointments and we will have won this war. whoop whoop

I want to build a hexaginal house with all windows, 4 windows, floor to ceiling, folding so you can have all the windows open and it will be like your outside, but inside. It will have to have AC for when it gets to hot, of course. It will have a balconey and roof all the way around the house, in between every four windows there will be hempcrete bricks and then the next four windows, all the way around. The bathroom will have the four, folding windows as well so you can open it all up to the elements. The bedroom will face east for the morning sun, the kitchen will be west, and the living room south with a pool in the front of the living room. About 8 meters from the living room. It will have a free energy device that will be out after the RV, and two or three stand alone smaller little, self contained places for the cook/cleaner and visiters etc. Maybe in South Goa, I have one place in mind in Columb, right on the sea front, but we will have to wait until we get back there because I don’t know if there is enough space hehe.

That’s just one of my ideas……..of course, if my girl don’t like it we will have to rethink it all. hehe

And for the one in the himalaya’s, maybe Kasa Devi, it will have underfloor heating, and a fire place, I love fires. Maybe no pool for the Himalaya one, and maybe not all glass because it gets real cold and lots of snow in the winter so………..maybe have to rethink all that one hahaha, except the underfloor heating and the open fire. I’m thinking a fire right in the middle of the house, all open plan for both houses. (except the bedroom hehe) I guess I will have to have somewhere for visiters to sleep, so maybe a couple of spare bedrooms with and on-sweet between the 2 with access from both bedrooms.

And there you have my latest fantasy……..


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