Still on the raw food diet, losing some weight, feeling great whoop whoop

I was going to give some of my blessings to a couple of people who live next door to me, one was Mark, it was his 50 th birthday last year and I bought him round some champayne and then he accussed me of lying about my short term memory problems, and I said, if your serious and don’t take that back I’m leaving because I don’t lie. He didn’t and he hasn’t spoken to me since, except in passing in the car park to say hi. So needless to say, I’m not going to share my blessings with him now, and he proberly thought I was full of shit anyway hehe

I met him when I was volunteering at the zoo a few years ago.

The second one was Dawn, she went round Marks house (the same Mark) and was shouting, they both were, and so I texted her and said, “I can hear you shouting.” (It’s about 20 foot away from me) and she texted back, That’s not me. Now, I heard her knock on Mark’s door, I heard him answer and invite her inside……..Also she has a very distinct voice so I know it was her. So I’m not going to share my blessings with her either. I don’t need to speak to her about it, she knows what she did. I just have no time for liars…….I would rather the truth, even if it hurts, than a comfortable lie. That’s just me I guess. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I value honesty.

Rant over for the day hehehe


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