I do make myself laugh a lot, all on my lonesome hehehe But I’m willing to give it all up to be with my girl haha Just kidding….. I think we have similar sense of humour hehe

Kamloops, in British Columbia is were the 10 kids went missing, according to Lady Di’s Telegram channel yesterday 😦 indigineous kids

I shared a meme from Princess Diana’s channel that was a twitter post from Queen Elizabeth 2 and it said, “It’s hot down here”.

hahaha If she is sharing it then I thought I could share it.

One of the people I shared it with was the same guy I was talking about a few months ago, now he’s deleted me hahahaha I don’t think he knows the truth about that lady then……but he has a really high IQ, according to him 🙂

According to Santa surfing today, she was involved in pedophillia and child trafficking and human hunting party’s. (I think that was what was going on in Canada 😦 )

4 Eyewitnesses testifyed to that in a different case involving European Royals.

You can find that story at http://www.humansbefree.com

Diana also says that Charles will only be a temp King………I think it’s the end of the Royal Family.

Tarot by Janine said yesterday that we should learn about the Queen’s crimes in October, so we will have to wait and see, of course.

Just in from Telegram, India charges WHO SCIENTIST Soumya Swaminthan for mass murder. And so it begins. (that name was really hard to spell haha Thank God my girls name is easy hehe)


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