So, I got home from my sisters yesterday morning after spending the night there, and had a shower, and I was just about to go out when my mum phoned and said, can you come over, John has fallen over at the bottem of the garden and don’t block the drive for the ambalance.

Now, John, my step Dad, is 83 and very stubourne, and he wanted to trim the hedge out front. My mum said, Peg gets someone over to do things like that, wait till she gets back on Tuesday and ask her to sort it out. He said, no, I can do it, and set everything up and started trimming the hedge, 10 minutes later, and only a bit of the hedge done he said, I can’t do it, so get Peg to sort it when she’s back, I’ll put all the tools away.

My mum looked down the garden a few minutes later and John was on the floor and couldn’t get up, he had felt dizzy and fainted. There isn’t much room to manuver down there and he couldn’t get up. There 3 sets of steps, about 3 steps each time, going lower and lower, to the shed and the green house at the bottem.

So I got there, and there was one guy who John was leaning on, sat down, another guy on a chair holding his hand, the guys daughter, who had come to visit her mum and dad, her mum, Sophie, and my Mum and they were waiting for the ambalance, after about half an hour a helicopter flew almost right over the house and we were laughing saying it was for John, just joking around, then it flew over again and started circling and we started to realise that maybe it was for John after all. It flew over the school field, looking for somewhere to land, maybe there was a footie match on there or something, I live opposite the school, 2 minutes away from mum, and eventualy landed in the fire station at the bottem of the hill, and they drove up in a firemans car I guess, I went to meet them on the road to guide them in.

The reason there was a helicoptor was because there were no ambulances available, totaly normal these days apparently 😦 pensioners wait for four hours stuck in their gardens, waiting for an ambulance according to Sophie.

About another hour and the ambulance came with a fold up weel chair that could get down the end of the garden. So there were 3 air ambulance people, me, mum, john, 2 men, 2 women and 2 ambulance drivers in the end hahaha what a palava hehe

John is still in Hospital, he is fine, they might have to adjust his pace maker…… He was fine by the time he left the house to go to the hospital, but they kept him in over night, just to keep an eye on him.

According to Sophie, she thinks there must be a school were they train them to be grumpy old men hahahaha (she has one too hehe)

Hopefully he will be home tonight, but they may keep him another night.

And that was my day yesterday 🙂


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