I got some sad news this morning…..I was laying in bed sharing stuff from Telegram and I went on Fakebook after sharing something to it and I found out that my friend Emma had passed. Laura had posted two days before and said that she was very ill and didn’t have long left in this world. She was diagnosed with cancer in August, so she didn’t suffer for long, and someone was with her when she passed, which is awsome in my opinion.

I was in hospital for 2 and a half months with my stroke, 11 years ago, and when I came out of Chichester hospital I went straight to Emma’s house in Poole. I can’t remeber if she drove me there or not. That’s the thing about strokes, it really fucks up you’re short term memory. I stayed with Ems for a while. I can’t remember how long, but it was long enough to get my benefits sorted out.

I used to walk around her rough and uncut garden every morning…….I can’t remember much else, apart from Mark, and maybe Paul, Roxanne’s dad came to see me.

I messaged Laura this morning and gave my respects and said I would go to the funeral if I can.

I’ve only been to one other funeral, and that was H (Harold) he was old when I met him 20 odd years ago, he died of cancer to. The funeral was packed with people standing at the back because all the seats were taken hehe

He was a party person, that’s why….

Emma was a trance party person and I want to go to that funeral too. I imagine it will be packed, like H’s, and there will be many people who I haven’t seen since my stroke.

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