I’m trying not to text my girl before I’m ready to book my flight. It’s quite hard for Indian’s to get a visa at the moment and in return, there making it quite hard for the English to get visa’s. But there is one called visa genie which has been tried and tested by someone who goes there a lot and you can get one within a few weeks, maybe a bit longer, but if I offer them some more money I might be able to hurry them up a bit hehe. πŸ™‚

If I piss her off before I even get there, I might not be able to meet her at all……………..I’ll wait until I get there, and then piss her off. haha Only joking

But, if I meet her in Dehli, I’ll pay for the flight, and we can go on a magical mystery tour for about 10 days, I don’t want her to be away from her animals for too long, and if she thinks I’m still boyfriend material after that, she can take me home to meet the family. A dog, Flokie, 2 cats, some kittens and I think she’s got 2 birds now as well now hehe. πŸ™‚


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