So I’ve looked at the recent views and there’s only one other person that has read any of my posts in at least a month, so, basicly I’m talking to myself 🙂 hahahahaha

Oh well, maybe more people will read it one day hehe

So, to todays writing that I’ve put in my phone over time……

I don’t know if you know this but, we are living through one of the most important times in history. EVERYTHING is about to change, and get much better for EVERYONE on earth 🙂

We are witness the largest, worldwide, on going, sting operation of all time. From human trafficking, to worldwide election fraud for decades. We’re just starting to learn about it in America, but the same machines, Dominion, (even the name is demonic) is used worldwide, so ALL elections have been rigged for decades 😦

But, we are going to find out about that, and human trafficking, and much, much more, so buckle up because it’s going to get a bit bumpy soon…….

Coolio was tell all about human trafficking and then he died all of a sudden. For those who don’t know, Coolio was a rapper and did Gangster’s Paradise.

But, acording to Tarot by Janine http://www.tarotbyjanine.com he is still with us, so maybe in witness protection after the white hat’s intervined and took him off the chess board 🙂

I’m starting to think the white hats are going by astrological themes as the last time the markets crashed was 1929, at full moon, and within 6 weeks either side of a solar eclipse.

We have a full moon on the 9th and a solar eclipse on the 25th, I think.

This full moon brings truth, tranfomationand destruction, and when Mr C puts the codes in, they, the Cabal, can’t do thier money laundering anymore because you have to show source of funds and proof of funds in the new QFS system 🙂

I think it’s divinly guided.

We are entering the age of Aquarius………

I’m hard at work for years now, every day, even before I get out of bed, I have about anywhere from 50 to 100 Telegram posts to go through and pick out what to share. There is a load of junk to go through on Telegram, but I can’t delete those chanels because it’s the same place I find stuff worth sharing, so I’m glad I don’t work right now hehe

Then I check Telegram throughout the day, in between films, I troll through about 25 messges, at least 20 times to share stuff to FB, and all for free hehehe

It’s a lot of work 🙂

But I do it for you guys……….which is none hahaha

some times one hehehehe 🙂

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