I texted my girl Lenny Kravitz, can’t get you off my mind, and do you know what she did? Nothing, no heart or anything. She hasn’t responded to any of my texts for about a month. In fact the last one she hearted was when I said I wasn’t going to text her until I’m ready to come…….

I have to consider the possibility that she’s just a cold hearted bitch 🙂 hehehe

Now, I don’t think she is, but I have to factor that in, just in case haha

She would be lucky to have me 🙂

We will have to wait and see………

That’s enough of my bitching haha

Now back to keeping a record of things for no one to read hehe

Quite often there’s nothing to share on FB so I just share inspirational or funny stuff 🙂 But I spend a lot of time going through Telegram so I can share stuff of importance.

FB has changed it’s algorithms I think, so you can’t share stuff from Telegram about vaccines and there side effects, though occasionly one gets through hehe

At least I’m not getting banned every 5 minutes now haha

Every truther I watch says the earth is more pear shaped than round, or flat. It must be much larger than we’re told because the sea is flat, and water finds it’s own level. Now, I’m not a flat earther, to be honest, I don’t care what shape the earth is 🙂

I just focus on trying to be happy as much as possible, as I have put here, it’s what my site is all about really, that an the occasional rant of course haha

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