Even a confident and dare I say, sexy man like me gets paranoid now and then hehehe Especialy when your girl dosn’t respond in any way to texts for a monthish 🙂 haha

I wasn’t always this way, it took years of going inwards and meditation, which I had a lot of time to do because of my stroke. But now I feel confident saying these things 🙂

I had a feeling I was going to get banned for sharing that on FB earlier, but I did it anyway because I’m a rebel hehe 🙂

I drove my mum and John (step dad) around my sisters today because it was her oldest daughter, Rosa’s birthday tomorrow, so we went round for tea and eclairs, I had coffee because I don’t do milk. (except in India, I have chai)

My dad left us when I was 5, and moved to South Africa. He was the captain of a cargo ship 🙂 I can’t remember fuck all of my childhood, I think it’s because he left, so I blocked it out and then kept blocking it out after that 😦 He remarried to Kobe and I did visit him when I was 19 for a month.

My first proper girlfriend at 19, who I lived with in London, had a 2 year old called Mia, and that was the first time I went to Goa, for 2 weeks, with her and stayed in Anjuna, north Goa. We went to some Trance party in Bamboo forest and took some acid 🙂 I can’t remeber much else. We did hang out with Govinda and rented a scooter off him. He had known Tosh for years as she had spent a lot of time there growing up as her mum was a hippie.

Tosh was 18 I think when we went there. Her real name is Amber but they used to call her Tosh, some Sanyasie thing. (Idon’t know if I spelt that right) It’s an Indian thing I think. Some hippie thing, maybe…..

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