I just watched a patch of fog on Amazon, it was good, so I won’t tell you how it ends, but it dosn’t end the way to think hehe

Back to the story 🙂

I haven’t had my cock sucked more than 2 or 3 times, so that’s why it took me by suprise 🙂 She sucked it quite a few times after that. whoop whoop hehe

She told me she was only doing girl on girl at that time, but I knew she was lying.

If she told me the truth then maybe I would of behaved differently, but, I don’t like lyers, that’s was why I didn’t feel bad about going to Nepal at the end of my stay in India and sleeping with someone else.

Who, by the way, robbed me of everything 🙂 hahaha

I wrote about that way back at the begining of my blog if you haven’t read it all hehehe

She was in Goa for 2 weeks, but extended it another week and then went home. This was in about Febuary I think, and I stayed in India until the end of April, then she picked me up from Heathrow and we went back to Birmingham where she lived at the time. I stayed with her for about 3 weeks and had lots of sex, she handcuffed me to a chair and sucked my cock and I licked her out etc it was loads of fun, hehe 🙂

Then went back to start the Marqee season 🙂

A couple of months later she invited me to a London train station, I can’t remember which one, where she told me that she had been sleeping with a black man 😦

Broke up with me, and I phoned Sam and took a few days off and went round Sam’s, where he told me that she did the same to him a few years before. haha So I got pissed with Sam for a few days and went back to work. hehehehe win some, you lose some.

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