I was in the middle of a glass of wine and a spliff earlier, that’s why I left it there 🙂 hehe I don’t really write when I’m drinking or smoking, and I don’t drink or smoke often, in case anyone was wondering.

According to Tarrot by Janine, Tom Hanks is a deep cover white hat and is still alive and well, along with Steven Spielberg whoop whoop, I watched Captain Phillips on Amazon yesterday after hearing that 🙂 He must of started his mission when he was young because I saw a clip of a film that was questionable when he was young so…..
And he was the supplier of Adrenachrome, everyone went through him to get it, apparently, so he has the goods on EVERYONE whoop whoop 🙂 🙂

Opera is a bad egg according to Janine.

Steven is in danger, Janine says, and proberly in hiding right now.

She got that intel from Charlie Freak, who is banned everywhere hehe 🙂 He’s the one who did the voice over for when Trump went around the world in 2017 and took with him a massive folder of crimes against children with him, and they all capitulated after reading all the evidence against them, including the Queen whoop whoop 🙂

Q did say years ago that you’d be surprised who the white hats were. Even the universe is in on it because when Janine asked the universe about Tom before, it said he was bad, so it wouldn’t blow his cover, but it’s time for us to know now, as we near the end of this movie…….

I’m so glad I was awake to see all this unfold and had thinkyourselfhappy to record it all for future generations. (It should have an 18 certificate really because of the sexy talk I throw in sometimes hehe)

I can’t help the sexy talk, it’s just what’s in my head sometimes haha 🙂


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