The Vatican has paid over £3.8 billion in child sex abuse cases 😦

Gene Decode, you can find him on Rumble, Still thinks Hank’s is bad, but I don’t think he knows about the deep cover, I don’t know, but http://www.tarotbyjanine.com has been bang on with her cards so far 🙂

He said that recently on a show with another Janine, and he gave upto-date world news from Ukraine, to Children rescued from DUMBs, and he told the viewers some things these sick, evil, bastards do to new borns 😦 I won’t repeat it here, you’ll have to find it yourself.

Just go to Rumble and put Gene decode and go to the latest with Janine, about a few days old, maybe a week and it’s just over 2 hours long 🙂

I sent a copy to my girl, and I don’t share much stuff with her, but it was very informative 🙂

Trump saved a Saudi Prince’s life in the Las Vegas massacre a few years ago, and to a Muslim that’s a massive dept, and when Trump visited Saudi Arabia in2017 they gave him the sword dance and gave him the highest honour, never given to an outsider before 🙂

The Saudi Prince will never forget that, and do anything Trump asks.(within reason of course haha 🙂 he’s a white hat too hehe)


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