Elon may well be from Venus, like Nichola Tesla 🙂 there is CIA documents that confirm Tesla was from Venus.

We’re genetic royaty according to the ET’s, so start behaving like it, get some slaves and don’t do anything for yourself’s……Just kidding hehe 🙂 But we are genetic royalty, apparently…..

I learned an important thing last week, we don’t know who the pedo’s are, and who is not, so from now on I’m going to watch all films until we know for sure……it’s the only thing that keeps me sane at the moment, watching films an keeping me busy while I wait for the RV and medbed so I can start my new life, with money in my pocket, humanitarian funds etc.

My girl plays her cards very close to her chest. I don’t know what she’s thinking, I text her a bit now and then, but she dosen’t reply much……unless she’s pissed hehe 🙂

I don’t mind though, it’s part of what I like about her 🙂

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