I lost quite a few friends when I started posting truths to facebook 3 years ago. A lot of them I blocked because they kept questioning every post and I couldn’t get through to them at all, and I’m a very patient kinda guy 🙂

But I don’t mind because I’m doing it for the sake of humanity, so if their not ready for the truth yet, that’s ok with me.

Maybe they will come back later, after we’ve had disclosure of what has been happening to the children, corruption, treason etc. Or maybe I had to loose them to make way for new ones 🙂

Maybe their not ready for the amount of pedophillia and evil that has been running our world for centuaries 😦

But I think my girl believes in me and what I write here, else she wouldn’t be with me.

I’ve been banned for 30 days, 5 times for sharing the truth haha It’s not about me, I’m just trying to wake people up to what has been going on. But I don’t even know if I’ve woken many people up, or not. I just keep sharing truths, and that’s all I can do.

Unless I’m completly wrong about everything hahahaha 🙂 That’s always a possibilty………

It’s so f-ing good that I’m sharing lots of good stuff on Fakebook at the mo, although I don’t know if anyone reads it. hehe

I’m probably going to get banned again soon, but until then I will keep sharing truths. I can’t seem to share anything about the side effects of the vaccines, which is a bummer, but we can’t have everything. Facebook algorithums won’t alow me too.

So many films are CGI these days, and green sceens, I can see why they get away with fake Joe.

And that’s my rant for the day 🙂

(I’ve actualy been writing bits in my phone for a few days but……..hehe)


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