Almost every time I get in to bed I laugh, don’t know why, been doing it for a few years now. Haha 🙂

Everyday’s a school day, and today I was watching The Hunters, a film about a secret society that finds and protects artifacts from getting into evil hands. It was good, I can recomend it on Amazon. 🙂

When it fininshed it was The Book of Daniel up next. Now you know that I’ve never read the bible, so I don’t know much about it to comment, but………

On my morning walks in the woods I do my thank you’s, including for my perfect girl, and at the end I was saying, “And may God bless you all”.

But recently I thought about it and the ET’s stopped showing themselves to humans because the humans thought that they were Gods. Now Jesus says, “You will do all the things I do, and more”. So that made me think that maybe I’m a God too, so I’ve started saying, “I bless you all”.

The Book of Daniel is about Kings who thought that they were above God, and so God stripped Nebakaneza of his Royal life style until he says that the God of all is the one true God. ( I’m making it much simplier, but you get the idea) And eventualy he said those things and his wealth was restored.

I don’t think it was by chance that I decieded to watch that film, I think I was divinley guided to watch it 🙂

What do you think?

I will be changing what I say at the end too,”May God bless you all”. Hehehehehe



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