Not much to report…….I’m sick of saying we are close and nothing happens, so I won’t say that anymore 🙂 hehehe

But I do know that I’m not freaking out about having to move on the 5th Jan because I KNOW we will be all done by then. whoop whoop

I had a bit of stuff to write but I deleted it yesterday because you don’t want to know about my landlord sleeping with tenants for a discount, or some of the other stuff I had. Haha

I’m just watching lots of films to keep the time going bye 🙂

Seven Pounds is a good one, I had a little cry at the end of that hehe Don’t tell my girl tho hahaha

To be fair, ever since my stroke I get a bit more emotional with films etc, something to do with the stroke apparantly.

Can’t think of anything else to say right now…….that’s why I haven’t up-dated my blog hahaha 🙂

Peace and Love to all……….and extra helpings for my girl.


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