It’s red wine Friday with Mr C πŸ™‚

How do make a knapkin dance?

Put a boogie init πŸ™‚ haha

I texted my girl last Thursday saying it’s red wine Thursday because it’s my birthday in two days, (or something like that)

What I didn’t tell her is at about 12 midnight I was asleep and woke up, sat on the edge of my bed and projectile vomited the red wine, salmon, broccoli, tomatoes and spinach hahahahaha I never throw up, so it was a bit strange.

I had to phone my cleaner, Cathy, in the morning to come and clean it up for 20 quid πŸ™‚

I can’t get down there and only have one hand etc 😦

The heating used to be on all the time in the summer, now it’s winter, we have a new boiler now, it only comes on from 7-8am and 4-7pm now 😦

I’m having to use an electric heater inbetween those times……I’m not freezing because they want to save on bills. It’s proberly going to cost more electric that way, but everything is included in my rent price, so I’m not bothered.

I’ve had so many problems since I moved here about 4 years ago, and it affects all 11 flats, not just mine 😦

I’ll be glad to get out of this place and fuck off to India hehe

And that’s most of the stuff I forgot over the last few days Haha

Peace out mother fuckers πŸ™‚

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