Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruz) is a cunt 🙂 That’s my poem for today hahahaha

I just watched Michele Fielding on Nicholas’s show, and she channels stuff and has been right about a lot of stuff in the past few years, so I’m gonna tell you what she said:

In the future, by 2026, we will have one, life time password for EVERYTHING, health, finances, car, laptop etc 🙂

McCaffee (He’s not dead) Asange, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, have a lot of input to this new system controlled by Starlink. The satalite systems put up by Musk.

There will be a lot of progress in this before 2026. I believe that currency holders, like me, will be one of the first people to have this on the new Quantum Financial System QFS.

Musk is moving to Texas because he is involed in new transport system were you can get from one side of the world to the other in 1 hour whoop whoop. There will be hover boards that you can stand, sit or even lie on to get you round your neigborhood. He and David Wilcock are also working seperatly on hover cars were you will be able to fly around the world in a much shorter time than flights. There will be train with magnectic traks for people to go across the world in 1 hour 🙂

5G will be obsolte within a year and they will broadcast healing frequencies in cities.

No more bio weapons, like covid (convid hehe) Elon has an obsession with Mars because he wants to take his kids there for holidays in the future hehe 🙂

Trump proberly won’t be President, but will have a significant role.

Banks are being trained in digital currencys worldwide.

To take a pet out of the country you have to fill out loads of paper work, but it the future it will be much easier to move your pets around because of this 🙂

The UN has been run like a dictatorship until recently, now is under white hat conrol. They used to be involed in money laundering, child trafficking etc 😦

Trump stopped all that.

The CIA, MI6 etc have been cleaned out, but there’s still a few bad apples in GCHQ in the UK.

NATO will discontinue 🙂

A Q post, several of them, said that the military is the only way. It turns out that is the starlink satalite system that is run by the military hehe

Trump came in to collapse the 2 party system.

So in the future you will be able to date people on the other side of the world because they will only be an hour away 🙂

I’m just starting a bit early hehe

And lastly, according to Tick Tock, women who give oral sex release a fat burning toxin hehe

I hope my girl likes oral sex hahaha

That’s all folks

Peace out nigaz 🙂

And nigetz hehe


I keep spelling involed wrong but I can’t fucking remember the right way haha

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