A lot of the documents that could of put a lot of the dark hats away or executed were in the two towers on 9/11 2001 😦

In gemantria, Aquarius = 107, so that’s my new favorite number because my girl is Aquarius. Also, in gemantria, often times you drop the 0, so it’s 17. The 17th letter in the alphabet is Q, as is the way with Gemantria. Soooo, I think me dating my girl is all meant to be, and destiny for me and my girl 🙂

Of course, I could be wrong, and it’s all just a coincidence……..but I don’t believe in coincidences, and Gemantria says that as well, because, like Q said many times, “How many coincidences before mathamaticly impossible”.

Or I’m just completly mad hahahahaha 🙂

And I haven’t moved out 🙂

Dawn spoke to the council, so I know my rights, and we have a couple of months by law. Chris hasn’t moved out either hahaha He spoke to the council to hehe

We’re all on benefits and can’t work so I think they are fucked hahaha

And the word about the RV is very, very good, and days away, so multiple sources say, so I’m not even slightly worried 🙂

Love and light to all…….

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