BREAKING: McCarthy got speaker of the house on the 15th vote, on 7th January 2023

A 5 year delta of Q post 497


Good (win)

(win) when




I do know there’s a lot of people (politicians) who are actualy been executed or in Gitmo and other prison’s, who are still on the scene, being played by different well known actors, some who you think have died, but faked their deaths to be part of the movie.

They are wearing masks, like the ones in Mission Impossible movies, and with the sticker on the neck that changes the voice 🙂

Enjoy the show……..

As Q says many times.

He also asks, “What makes a good movie?” “Great actors”.

It had to be this way,so they could roll out the greatness that’s coming to planet earth (or flat earth, or what ever the fuck it is hehe:-) )

I believe we are close, but I’ve said that before, and been so f…ing wrong haha


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