I think they (the military) got project looking glass from the crashed space ship in Rosswel in the early 50’s 🙂

It’s boring walking in the same few woods every day. I can’t wait to have my health back and go on adventures around the world, hopefully with my girl, but I will have to wait and see for that one 🙂

I’ve been to loads of places in India, and other countries, but always single, and I want someone to share those experiences with, and a bonus is I get to have sexy time too hehe.

For years I have done my mantra’s without knowing how I would get my health, wealth and perfect girl, and now I am so close to getting my health back, my wealth, and maybe even my pefect girl 🙂

I’ve only asked the universe for 3 things because that’s all I need.

I love being in nature, near nature etc and want to live somewhere in India where I’m close to nature. Or maybe a few places hehe


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