I’m a busy bee on here today hehe

Just watched Tarot by Janine and Mark Attwood, this what she said:

The flooding in California today is a white hat opp, flooding the tunnels in the DUMBs. (deep underground military bases)

Ireland was Atlantis, and Mark lives there and says that there are a lot of really old stone structures there šŸ™‚

Giants are still around, but hidden in a different dimentions for their own safty. And a note from me, there are loads of giant bones found all over the earth for years, even centuries, so I can believe that.

Wayfair, Disney, Amazon etc were all involved in child trafficking, but it’s cleared up now, thank God šŸ™‚

5G has been switched to healing frequencies, but there are one or two left here and there, but they know where they are.

The people playing Megan and Harry are working for the good. The bad Megan and Harry have been dealt with a while ago, and the real William and Harry left when Diana faked her death šŸ™‚

We are on the gregorian callender at the mo, but the Julian callender is 13 days behind, and new years eve is this Friday. An ozzy guy did a decode and says that the tweet we’ve all been waiting for according to Q, “My fellow americans, the storm is upon us”, will come this Friday. Janine says his intel is good, but a bit of a delay, not much though, so lets see what happens over this weekend, into early next week, because I want this movie to be over so I can get on with my life, meet my girl, and start humanitarian projects šŸ™‚

XRP has replaced the swift system in the banking world, but not apparent yet, and will be a good investment in the near future. I’m going to invest in it as soon as I can cash my Zim šŸ™‚

(I’ve known about this for over a year now)

The real Ron D’santis is in prison somewhere, but the guy playing him is setting a good example of what other governors will do in the near future.

People who took the jabb, my girl took one, will not all die, but they will have to aknowledge that they were fooled, spiritualy, and do a detox, I sent my girl a detox plan, though she only took one, so not as bad as those who took 2 or more. The more you took, the iller you will be šŸ˜¦

Diamond, of Diamond and Silk in the US, didn’t really die, but it was strategic, don’t know why. Proberly to get the sleepers to wake up somemore.

Andrew Tate took one for the white hats, and it will come out later that he wasn’t involeved in child trafficking, he just used it to get it in peoples consiosness. (spelt that wrong hehe)

The original sin of Eve biting the apple is false, and was one of the first things the dark hats did to fuck people up and humiliate women šŸ˜¦

And the helicoptors in Avebury, Wiltshire, UK was a battle over a portal, where the dark hats were trying to bring something through that would have killed a lot of people, but the white hats won…….Yeay

And I forgot that I had a couple of pints and some soup in the pub on the edge of the moors on Sunday hehe

And that’s all folks


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