I’m back on FB hehe

I got Dawn, my house mate some smoke yesterday and I had a smoke with her and she told that, Mark, Cathy, Saffron and Kerry used to go to her with all their problems. For some reason they talk to her, and she has helped those people solve there problems. (they all live, or used to live in the house).

And she said that Cathy, who is in the room directly above me, used to do scancis(I spelt that wrong proberly, but it’s when you talk to dead people, and not in a nice way) I don’t know anything about it really.

And I realised that I’m a happy chappie 99% of the time, singing along to music, the older stuff before auto-tune hehe, laughing a lot, even tho I’m on my own all the time hehe, and I’m in nature every day, then I am in all day, while her upstairs is at work. And I had a realisation that all my good energy is going right upstairs and clearing out all that negative energy from the talking to dead people stuff, or whatever she does, and that made me feel good inside 🙂

When I go round Dawn’s, usaly to give her a smoke, and not that often, she unloads on me, and I’m not bothered, but she’s quite often stressed after everyone else in the house unloading on her.

And I realised that I have a need to be here, or I did, but now it’s time for me to move on and start the next faze of my life, which is India, lots of sex and happiness hehe

I’ve finaly done my job here and now I get to reap the rewards 🙂

Dawn did say that I cut her off sometimes, but it’s because I get exited about what I have to say, because we have some good chats 🙂 I will have to pay attention to that in the future, cuz I don’t want to cut people off, ever, I just get exited sometimes.

I said before that every day’s a school day, you just have to be aware of the lessons when they arrive hehe 🙂

I help Dawn and she helps me.

Hang out with people who are trying to improve themselves and lift you up, not people who put you down 🙂

Love and light to all……..

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