I realised that I said I’m happy 99% of the time these days……….if that’s not a great advert for “Thinkyourselfhappy” I don’t know what is hehehe

You have to do the work, which is saying the thank you’s daily, meditation daily, nature daily etc….you get the idea 🙂 all those things I wrote about here over the years.

Anyway, I just shared something about Madonna and child trafficking, so it’s starting to hit the main stream media now, but this is just the begining, so buckle up because it ain’t gonna be pretty 😦

We are getting closer to the big reveal, drip drip to flood as Q says.

And never forget why I, and many others around the world are documenting this…….it’s all about the children that have been trafficked all over the world for centuries, on a massive scale, and the military’s of the world are finaly putting a stop to it and executing the people involved, blowing up the DUMB s (Deep Underground Military base’s) where the bad miltary’s new about it but did nothing 😦

That’s all changed now due to the Alliance and off world help whoop whoop 🙂

I try to keep it high vibe here, but there has been some nasty shit going on for a very long time, and I feel the need to tell people what’s been going on so we can start to heal 🙂

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