This is Ismael and me, mostly Ismael though……

What happens on earth will happen in the entire universe and it takes a while to undo all the shit that they have done for !000’s of years hehe That’s why it’s taking so long, but we are nearly there 🙂

That’s why many ET’s are here and watching us around Jupitor and closer, because they want to witness are assension because nothing like this has happened before. The QFS (Quantum Finacial System) is operated by organic AI. We, the humans, are organic computors really.

Space craft that the ET’s use connect to each persons consciouness.

After the solar flash we will all be about 30 years old and live much longer, and pets will also live much longer, which I know my girl will be happy about because she has a dog, cats, birds etc hehe I will be very happy about this too as I love all animals 🙂

I think I’ve said this before but, as long as your 51% sevice to others you will suvive the flash.

Be in the here and now, don’t be in fear, meditation can help with that, and all the stuff I’ve said here about being happy.

We are no longer in the 3rd dimension, we are now in the 4th dimension, and the 4th dimension is all about truth, so buckle up because we are going to hear about treason in many countries, child trafficking, the truth about the WEF (World Economic Forum) and how they are all a bunch of pedo’s who want to depopulate the planet, and much more, and it’s comming real soon.

The biggest ever, worldwide, ongoing, sting operation of all time, then 1000 years of peace and prosperity for all whoop whoop

Bring it on, I’m fucking ready hehe 🙂

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