So I just watched the Jean-Claude & Janine rumble show, and this is most of what she said with the cards πŸ™‚

Vice President, Mike Pence is really bad and was working with Hilary Clinton for decades in the background and Trump new he was bad for a long time and that’s why he was VP, keep your friends close and your enimies closer haha

Tom Hanks was deep, deep cover for decades and has bought a lot of people to justice πŸ™‚

Adam Shiff made a deal ages ago and is just playing a part in this movie.

NFL player,Jessie, really did die from the vax, and it will wake a lot of people up. He was only 25, but the cards say that he fulfilled his life mission πŸ™‚

Lisa Marie Presley is still alive, and is playing a part in the movie. She agreed to play this part and will come back later.

Elvis is alive, and coming back, maybe Autum/fall in the US πŸ™‚

Reveal coming on how they do the fake deaths, and how some people died years ago, like Bill and Melinda Gates, who I believe was strung up in India back in 2015ish I think hehe

Robin Williams is alive, and faked his death to work with the white hats, and is doing good work. He is playing different men, and women, like Melinda Gates, for instance, who have been dealt with already haha

Justin Turdo, as Janine calls him, has been dealt with a long time ago and there’s a few different people who are playing him hehe

I have to say, the scope of this whole Q operation is just mind blowing……..and to the point that the ones who are awake to what is really going on have a nice little show, or shows, to watch, while we’re waking the rest of the sleepers……..quite brilliant, and entertaning for those that know about it, which is proberly a few million, at least, worldwide hehe

Good job guys

I can’t wait for my blessings, so I can share it with my family and friends πŸ™‚

We are entering a whole new existence and 1000 years of peace on planet earth.

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